Vridian – Silverfish [EP]

Vridian Silverfish EP

One of the fastest rising acts to come out of the country’s electronic music scene over the past twelve months, New Delhi-based producer Vridian has been steadily climbing up the ranks with some notable releases on imprints such as Nie Wider Schalfen and Traum Schallplatten. And as he continues to build a reputation for himself with his intricately crafted live sets, Vir RC has now finally returned to action with his brand new EP, ‘Silverfish’. An impressive four-track effort released via San Francisco-based label Manjumasi, his latest output announces itself as a hypnotic sonic trip that is topped off by Vridian’s introspective, yet club-ready twist.

Consisting of two originals, ‘Silverfish’ and ‘The First Rain’, his newest release proves to be a worthy showcase of the growing clarity within Vridian’s artistic vision which allows him to create sonic experiences which manage to find their feet beyond the realms of the dancefloor. What feels like a culmination of different emotional ideas, the EP’s titular cut flags off the proceedings in remarkable fashion with a renewed approach in his production work as his brand of intelligent electronica bolsters the deep, breakbeat-influenced cut to offer listeners with an incredibly innovative piece to cherish. The following track, ’The First Rain’ proves to be an unmissable cut on the EP as he goes on to test the boundaries of his beloved craft with a complex arrangement of arpeggiated synth structures and pads, which contributes towards the significance of this unarguably stunning creation.

Accompanied by two strong remixes of ‘Silverfish’ and ‘The First Rain’ courtesy Montreal-based act Clarian and Manjumasi’s very own Mark Slee respectively, each of which offers a modern, yet fresh-sounding spin to Vridian’s abstract works, you can listen to ‘Silver Fish’ EP below.