The F16s Talk Newly Signed Deal With House Arrest Distribution, Their Upcoming ‘WKND FRNDS’ EP & Much More

The F16s

Unarguably one of India’s most successful indie rock acts, The F16s have been a dominating force to be reckoned with over the past few years. Known for their stellar releases and thrilling live performances, the four-piece act has never ceased to impress their beloved fans around the country and internationally. With 2019 already off to a great start, we caught up with the Chennai-based outfit ahead of their slated performance at the debut edition of BUDX Bengaluru to talk about their latest EP, plans for the rest of the year and much more.

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TBB: Hey guys. Thanks for talking to us! How’s been 2019 treating you so far?

The F16s: Reasonably well. We’re finally done with this EP that we’ve been shouting from the rooftops about. We inked a deal with House Arrest Distribution, which we’re hoping is a fruitful one.


TBB: You’ve already released two tracks from your WKND FRNDS EP. And while it certainly feels like a platonic shift from your earlier work, can we take it as a shift in mood for The F16s?

The F16s: I mean, that would depend more in how the older songs made you feel as opposed to the new songs. It felt like a natural shift that came about on its own for us.


TBB: On ‘Amber’, we got to see you guys work with a stronger and deeper narrative. Moreover with its striking music video which accompanied the release, can you tell us a bit more about how the final output came to life?

The F16s: We finished the song about a year ago, production-wise. Deepti reached out to us out of the blue with this final year project she was doing at NID. We took a look at her vision for this video and gave her complete control. It was a very healthy and productive experience.

TBB: It has been an exciting journey for The F16s over the past few years. And following the phenomenal success of your album, ‘Triggerpunkte’, expectations from the audience has only grown exponentially. Do you tend to assess the accessibility of your work before sharing it with the world these days?

The F16s: Are you asking if we discuss it? Yes we do. All the more reason for us to leave stuff in. We don’t overdo it, but a song is subject to one rake over the coals at least.


TBB: A multifaceted approach seems to be set in place for the latest chapter of your musical journey. With a refreshingly new visual and sonic direction, what can you tell us about WKND FRNDS and the music it has to offer?

The F16s: To be honest, these songs are part new-direction and part information dump. The plus side is that there is enough to consume from this EP, sonically and visually. We’ve tried to inject a little more colour and space.

TBB: Apart from the upcoming release of your latest EP, what else can you possibly tell us about The F16s’ plans for the rest of 2019?

The F16s: We’re hoping for good things from this House Arrest deal, all things considered. A tour for WKND FRNDS is being assembled, looking to hit some places we haven’t been. And some more music, of course.


TBB: Budweiser Experiences’ groundbreaking property BUDx has finally landed in Bengaluru for its debut edition. What are your thoughts on BUDx which has consistently helped in pushing music culture in the country and has quickly gone on to become one of their flagship events across the globe? 

The F16s: Any sort of outreach is appreciated. Movements don’t begin of their own volition all the time, and it’s reassuring to see platforms like BUDX curated by Budweiser Experiences, back a set of artists to do something enriching and meaningful for a concert-goer.