Seedhe Maut Talk ‘Bayaan’ Success, Their Ongoing ‘Shaktimaan’ India Tour, Future Plans & Much More

Seedhe Maut Interview

Photo Credit: Samrat Nagar

New Delhi-based hip-hop duo Seedhe Maut officially announced their arrival as a mighty force to be reckoned with towards the end of 2018 with the release of their Sez On The Beat-produced debut album, ‘Bayaan. One of the most exciting acts to come out of the country capital’s music landscape in recent years, the lethal duo comprising of Encore ABJ and Calm continues to spearhead the hip-hop movement in India with their cutting edge work. Currently on their ‘Shaktimaan‘ India tour, we caught up with Seedhe Maut themselves ahead of highly anticipated performance alongside Sez On The Beat at the debut edition of BUDX Hyderabad on September 13 to talk about the success of their stellar debut LP, future plans and much more.

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TBB: Hey guys. Thanks for talking to us! How’s been 2019 treating you so far?

Seedhe Maut: Hey guys! 2019 has been quite epic for us since the album release last year. We’ve just been trying to get the best out of our releases, sow the benefits of our hard work. Fortunately, we’ve been doing shows after shows, and it’s been upward since the start of the year.


TBB: It has been nine months since the release of your debut album ‘Bayaan’. And it certainly seems like your work has just begun to strengthen its position as one of the finest examples of Indian hip-hop. Looking back at it, can you reflect a bit on the journey that has been since the arrival of your LP?

SM: Since the finishing stages of the album we always knew it was special and it was a piece of work like never before in the scene. We had discovered its potential from the start and were happy to know people recognized the art, felt the album, and gave patiently gave it the time it needed to be digested. Crowds all across have been really encouraging and that gives us strength. We’re both gonna keep releasing music.

TBB: Following the success of ‘Bayaan’ which also enabled a lot of people to discover Seedhe Maut through this record, do you both feel any pressure or a sense of added responsibility now which comes with representing hip-hop that is emerging out of the national capital?

SM: It’s just about the fun we have making music, and no one lets us feel any pressure!


TBB: Earlier last month, you guys kicked off your massive ‘Shaktimaan’ India Tour! How has the whole experience been like performing your original work live all around the country?

SM: To be honest, it’s been phenomenal so far! For the first time ever, we’re getting to tour so many cities. Like we played in Kolkata for the first time ever, and people showed up and brought all of the love to Mumbai as well. It’s fun to be exploring so many cities and meeting newer fans. It’s a surreal experience and it really helps us mature as artists and performers as well.

TBB: 2019 has witnessed hip-hop become a key part of India’s cultural movement. And the other side of the coin suggests that it pervaded capitalism’s ears as well. What’s your take on the present moment within the hip-hop landscape in India which might also be witnessing commoditization of this art form?

SM: Hip hop has been blowing up since the past 2-3 years and was shaping into something very subtle with definite growth, but as always when there’s a trend, the bandwagon follows. Everyone is looking for a way to try and make money out of it, from labels to corporates. But we believe time will change things, and we will go ahead irrespective. When people look back they should know we moved on our own terms and do what we like to do. None of our work of effort is bound to social media stance, we’re just here to make music and have fun!


TBB: Budweiser Experiences’ groundbreaking property BUDx has finally landed in Hyderabad for its debut edition. What are your thoughts on BUDx which has consistently helped in pushing music culture in the country and has quickly gone on to become one of their flagship events across the globe?

SM: Since BUDX kicked off in two cities, it has given many artists the chance to perform to bigger audiences. It brings in music and lifestyle in a very unique way and is definitely at the fore of music and culture festivals of late. There are many dope artists on all of their lineups so don’t miss this if it’s in your city!


TBB: Moving forward, what’s next for Seedhe Maut and Azadi Records? Can we expect any new music before the year comes to a close?

SM: You can expect some singles and new surprises Seedhe Maut is working on before the year ends! Stay tuned for updates. 🙂