Diversion Ahead B1402

Mumbai-based drum and bass producer DIVERSION AHEAD. aka Aditya Malve continues to build on his impeccable form with one notable release after another. And after serving up his impressive 2-track EP earlier this year, today we’re bringing you the premiere of his long-awaited new track, ‘B1402‘.

Before you go any further into the cut, Aditya’s latest effort is highlighted by its ability to curate a listening experience which not only makes the different paths of breakbeat and drum & bass align but also sees him take his sonic approach to brave new places. Rewarded with a lucid mix which sweeps listeners off their feet every now and then throughout its proceedings, ‘B1402‘ presents itself along with a curious soundscape waiting to be explored. Released via Maaya Sound, listen to the track below.

DIVERSION AHEAD. will also be performing at Zeleb, Pune on September 25th as part of the ‘B1402‘ single launch.