DVS1, Roman Flügel, Umfang And Many More Announced For Far Out Left Festival 2019

Far Out Left Festival 2019 Lineup

Far Out Left Festival returns to The Great Eastern Home in Mumbai on November 15th and 16th for its highly anticipated second edition after a stellar debut back in 2018. Created by Regenerate and Social, the two-day boutique festival announced its arrival as one of the most exciting new destinations for electronic music fans in the country. And come today, Far Out Left has officially revealed its artist lineup for this year’s festivities.

Led by some of today’s biggest names in electronic music including Anastasia Kristensen, American techno heavyweight DVS1, DJ Soulseek, Identified Patient, Justin Cudmore, Octave One (LIVE), Lien, Roman Flügel, Tapefeed, Discwoman founder UMFANG and Volvox, Far Out Left’s 2019 lineup also packs in a thrilling homegrown roster which consists of the likes of Alina Sengupta, Blurry Slur, Chhabb, Chrysis, DJ Soulseek, FILM, Kohra, Manaalina, Manalii, Oceantied, Suchi, Twokid Wickid and Zequenx.

Check out the announcement below. You can grab your tickets here.