Strange Movements Are Heading Out On A 4-City India Tour This Month

Strange Movements India Tour

Photo Credit: Avirat Sundra

One of India’s finest AV acts, Strange Movements are back on tour to showcase their stellar dancefloor experience around the country. Debuted by Mumbai-based producer Spryk and visual artist bigfat last year at EyeMyth Festival, the duo’s ambitious project has quickly garnered a major fan following in recent times. Bringing together experimental sonic and visual elements to weave an eclectic and immersive experience like no other, Strange Movements’ latest tour kicked off on a high note during their explosive performance at Homegrown Street Festival this past weekend.

Talking about Strange Movements, Spryk and Bigfat wrote in a statement saying:

“Strange Movements as a concept came from us following each others work and discussing how we could primarily bring our two worlds together. After having done a few smaller projects together we both spoke a fair bit about doing an original AV show, built ground up. I think we both work towards creating a unique experience with our art and find interesting ways to present it to an audience. This has probably been the most honest form of collaboration that I have embarked upon with another independent artist so I’m really looking forward to playing it all out.” -Spryk

“I think of Strange Movements as a project that started as a conversation between 2 artists from different disciplines with a common crossover of interests. The idea was to create all-original audio and visual content from scratch. We sampled and resampled each others content to achieve a cohesive aesthetic that could be presented for a live AV showcase.” -Bigfat

With the duo set to throw down three more massive shows in Hyderabad, Bengaluru and Mumbai throughout March, fans can rest assured to be treated to a brilliant performance that is going to be one for the books. You can out their tour dates below and make sure to catch them at a city near you!

Strange Movements India Tour