Yung.Raj – Steppin Stoned Vol.2 [EP]

Yung Raj Steppin Stoned Vol.2

Known for his relentless, yet ingenious approach towards beat-making, rising producer Yung.Raj has been making serious waves with the release of some stellar works consistently and delivering raucous performances across the country. And as part of his latest unveiling, the Hyderabad-based act has now shared ‘Stepping Stoned Vol.2‘, which arrives as the next iteration to its predecessor which was released earlier this year. A 5-track effort which goes on to expand on Yung.Raj’s production sensibilities and embody his fresher and extremely fulfilling take on 160BPM sounds with clarity and speed, his latest EP also promises heavy movement within crowds on dancefloors.

Keeping up with his own pace, its opening cut throws in a one-two jab of a pitched up Indian vocal sample and throbbing bass as ‘LALALA‘ quickly molds itself into a detailed rhythmical jam that is hard to miss out on. The bends and twists become deeper, denser and stranger with the arrival of ‘Hot Rocks‘ and ‘Purple Strawberries‘, while each of the two takes on a distinct path to unravel its unique sonic identity.

On ‘Steppin Stoned Vol.2‘, Yung.Raj successfully plays around with the expectant regularity of the genre, which allows him to build on the record’s inventiveness and invite listeners for multiple listens of what truly holds itself as a diverse body of work. Towards the latter half of the EP, ‘Tweaked Out‘ announces its arrival as it goes on to cash in on the gathered momentum to be recognized as one of the record’s most memorable tracks. And come ‘TrollcOre‘, we are offered with a sensational piece of percussive programming as the unforgiving cut quickly mutates beyond conventional structures to bulldoze its way out.

Listen to ‘Steppin Stoned Vol 2‘ below.