Vridian – Dawn Too Soon

Vridian Dawn Too Soon

In today’s times, we tend to throw around the word ‘legendary‘ more often than we ideally should. But when it comes to talking about German label Traum Schallplatten, the word seems to be given a whole new identity. Renowned for housing some of contemporary electronic music’s finest talents and boasting of a staggering catalog parallel to only a handful of imprints around the globe, Traum has stood the test of time for two decades now since their stellar debut back in 1998.

And come today, we’re putting the spotlight on New Delhi-based duo Vridian‘s brand new single, ‘Dawn Too Soon‘ which was released this past week as part of the 16th edition of Traum Schallplatten’s iconic ‘Tour De Traum‘ compilation. Featuring alongside tracks by the likes of Max Cooper, Dominik Eulberg, Jesse Somfay amongst several others, their latest effort highlights their exemplary growth as artists which goes beyond fitting the mold of a club-ready original to showcase a complex, yet complete experiment of their ever evolving sound.

Listen to ‘Dawn Too Soon‘ below. Out now via Traum Schallplatten, you can grab your copy here.