Bangin Beats’ Top 10 Tracks Of 2019

Top 10 Tracks 2019

Before we step into the new decade, there’s a lot to look back on when it comes to the indie music industry in India. And while 2019 indeed has been one of the most phenomenal years for artists, listeners and everyone else involved, we at The Bangin Beats have decided to list down our Top 10 Tracks of 2019.

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Peter Cat Recording Co. – Where The Money FlowsPeter Cat Recording Co. Where The Money Flows

One of the country’s most beloved acts, Peter Cat Recording Co. shone throughout the past twelve months to narrate the latest chapter of their journey with ‘Bismillah’. And while its sheer brilliance continues to grab under the spotlight, its sophomore single ‘Where The Money Flows’ find a well deserved spot in our Top 10 Tracks of 2019 which easily stands out as a wholesome showcase of their beloved art. Led by Suryakant Sawhney’s nostalgic voice which gets wrapped around its underlying romanticism, PCRC immerse themselves completely within their slo-mo songcraft for this unmissable song off their newest LP.

DIVINE – KohinoorDIVINE Kohinoor

You can’t sum up 2019 without talking about DIVINE. Hailing from Mumbai, the hip hop superstar entered the big league earlier this year with the Bollywood blockbuster hit ‘Gully Boy’. But that only served as a prelude to the arrival of highly anticipated debut album, ‘Kohinoor’. Released via Mass Appeal India, the 8-track LP packed in some of his best work. And with that in mind, its titular cut only goes on to amplify that sentiment as DIVINE jumps on an Ill Wayno-produced beat to deliver some of his most raw, hard hitting bars till date.


Lifafa – JaagoLifafa Jaago

If there was one name which exploded onto the mainstream music space in India, it was Lifafa aka Suryakant Sawhney who managed to seal 2019 for himself back in January itself with the reveal of his latest album, ‘Jaago’. An ambitious body of work which saw him pack in some of his most gorgeous creations till date, its titular cut introduces listeners to a psychedelic soundscape while a shimmering disco ball hangs in the middle.


Prabh Deep – MayaPrabh Deep Maya

Dare I say, a future legend in the making, New Delhi-based act Prabh Deep picked up right from where he left off last year to take over 2019 by storm with a barrage of singles which went on to bring his ‘KING’ EP to life. A future classic in its own right, its first cut ‘Maya’ sees him introduce listeners to a revamped sound which brings his eclectic brand of jazz-influenced rap under the spotlight, with assistance from seasoned bassist Hashbass and keyboardist Archit Anand.


Oceantied – LuruOceantied Luru

Electronic music strengthened its foothold on dancefloors across clubs around the country in 2019. And if there was one single stomper to highlight the quality of club-ready music coming out of the country, ‘Luru’ by Oceantied took pole position which arrived earlier this year as part of the Bengaluru-based producer’s ‘On The Floor Vol.1’ EP.


Taba Chake – Aao ChaleinTaba Chake Aao Chalein

Hailing from Arunachal Pradesh, Mumbai-based singer/songwriter Taba Chake went on deliver unarguably, one of the most beautiful albums of 2019. With ‘Bombay Dreams’,we are offered with a LP to be truly enamored of. And while each cut from the 10-track effort has its own charm, ‘Aao Chalein’ somehow showcases the best of what Taba Chake has to offer to the world.


Ahmer x Sez On The Beat – KasheerAhmer Sez On The Beat Kasheer

On Ahmer‘s long awaited full length debut, ‘Little Kid, Big Dreams‘ which was released this past July via Azadi Records, the Kashmiri hip-hop act writes a lengthy statement, produced in its entirety by New Delhi-based producer Sez On The Beat that talks about his life in the valley, the hardships and everything in between. Breaking down his struggles across 8 tracks, each cut contributes to the album’s raw brilliance. And on its penultimate offering, ‘Kasheer‘ is where the 24 year old MC delivers some of his most daunting raps, which not only underlines the need for the LP’s creation, but also unearths some soul crushing truths for the world to take note of.


Three Oscillators feat. Karshni – DrowningThree Oscillators Karshni Drowning

Mumbai-based duo Three Oscillators have steadily shared some of the most impressive works to come out of the country’s indie music space in recent years. And as the collaborative project comprising of Brij Dalvi and Avit Rane continues to garner a name for itself, the two teamed up with Pune-based act Karshni earlier this year to share their stunning release, ‘Drowning’.


Ditty – DeathcabDitty Deathcab

An intimate piece of folk-pop courtesy urban ecologist, musician and spoken word artist, Ditty, ‘Deathcab’ quietly secured its spot as one of the most ethereal creations to come out of the release calendar in 2019. Released as part of her debut album ‘Poetry Ceylon’, this emotive cut is outlined by introspective confessions, and serves itself as a tribute to Death Cab For Cutie’s 2003-released track, ‘Transatlanticism’.


Pacifist – Greyscale DreamsPacifist Greyscale Dreams

Mumbai-based post hardcore band Pacifist have stood as one of the brightest spots within the country’s indie music scene in 2019. And with the arrival of their critically acclaimed debut EP, ‘Greyscale Dreams’, they managed to deliver a sophisticated body of work without pulling any punches. And on its titular cut, their moshpit-ready sound comes to life with a touch of introspection as they reflect on the 21st century urban jungle.