Bart Skils Talks Upcoming Performance At BUDxAWAKENINGS, His Plans For 2019 & Much More

Bart Skils Interview

Unarguably one of the hottest names within the techno territory currently, Dutch heavyweight Bart Skils has been in piping hot form as of late. And with a humongous 2018 under his belt, the ‘Your Mind‘ hitmaker is ready to step into the new year with tons of new music and some highly anticipated live performances to come. And as this mastermind gets ready to throw down an epic performance on the BUDxAWAKENINGS stage at Vh1 Supersonic tonight, we caught up with the man himself to talk about the year gone by, Awakenings, his return to India and much more.

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TBB: You’re finally back in India after a long time! Do you have any fond memories from your past shows in the country?

Bart: The first time I was in India I fell in love with the country. I think the people and the culture is just really amazing. My first experience playing at supersonic was also really good with the Drumcode Crew, so I’m very happy to be back.


TBB: One of last year’s biggest highlights was your collaborative track, ‘Your Mind’ with Adam Beyer. Can you tell us a bit about how the track came through and what was the vision behind it?

Bart: I already had the vocals from the shambles of “Loosing your mind” for a year and a half. I always played it just in my set. The track came together in one day and when I sent it to Adam, he said, “Wow, this is really amazing”. He added some more elements, we
released it together and it blew up like a bomb. Everybody played it, from all the techno guys to Carl Cox to David Guetta to Armin Van Buuren. It just became a crazy huge hit.

TBB: When you first made the song, did you have an idea it would be such a big hit? I know you like the song when you make it, but do you have a sense of how big it could be?

Bart: In the studio, I didn’t know or realize it was going to be so big. From the moment I played the test version, I knew the crowd was going to go crazy. That’s when you know it’s magic.


TBB: Awakenings has been at the forefront of the techno scene for two decades now. How do you think it has cultivated underground music with its brand?

Bart: I think one of the strongest things with ‘Awakenings’, because I’ve played it since the 90’s, was that it was very smart in the early years to do a video and photo registration. At that time, if you were not living in Amsterdam, you could captivate the experience for ‘Awakenings’ through really good videos and live sets for photography. So even if you lived in India or in the Bahamas, or Canada or in the States, you could be a part of ‘Awakenings’. That’s what really makes the brand internationally well known.

Bart Skils

TBB: You’re all set to perform on the BUDXAWAKENINGS stage at Vh1 Supersonic! What are you looking forward to the most from this super special gathering?

Bart: Just to get connected with the Indian crowd and as I said, I love it here and I feel really connected. I hope the music connects us that way together as well.

TBB: With an absolutely massive 2018 in the bag, what lies ahead for you this year?

Bart: Well, I’ve already made a lot of good music and there’s going to be a new collaboration with Adam Beyer. There’s also going to be a special remix project for an old label called “Renascence”. Besides that, I’ll be touring a lot in every part of the world, so I’m looking forward to it a lot.


TBB: Before we go, would you like to give out any message for your Indian fans?

Bart: Thank you so much for inviting me, everybody at Budweiser and Supersonic Awakenings. I’m really happy to be back and I’m going to do my best to give you a great night.