Robu PSA

Earlier last year, homegrown bass music collective ASURA announced their arrival with a bunch of brilliant releases throughout 2018 before going dark. But come today, the highly ambitious outfit is finally relaunching its proceedings with a massive new compilation in tow. Titled ‘Sarvanaash‘, the lethal 7-track effort marks the beginning of a new era for the talented group of bass music’s up and coming acts.

“This compilation marks the end of Kalyug for Asura Collective and the beginning of a new era, Satyug as mentioned in the Mahaabharath. The collective has been shut for almost a full year, but all that happens, happens for the good. This compilation is a whole collection of melodic and dark bangers at the same time, which depicts the end of everything, and hence the name ‘Sarvanaash’.”

And to kick things off, we’re bringing you the premiere of its first track, ‘PSA‘ by Hyderabad-based producer Robu who has been steadily moving up the ranks with his bone-shattering releases. Crafted in the same vein as some of his previous works, the pulsating cut sticks to his signature sinister groove till the end while flourishing all over the place with its gritty and knocking sound design. Switching through his wildly exciting variations across its 3-minute runtime, Robu goes on to deliver yet another heater with his latest piece of work.

You can listen to ‘PSA‘ exclusively via The Bangin Beats below.