Interview With Valentino Khan!

Valentino Khan Interview

A mainstay within the dance music industry during recent years, Valentino Khan certainly needs no introduction. While his rise towards the top has been an adventurous ride, the LA native first blew up in 2015 following the massive success of his single ‘Deep Down Low‘ which ultimately went viral around the globe. Having produced for hip-hop stars including T.I., 2 Chainz, amongst many more in the past, the versatile producer with the hottest mustache in the game has released on labels like OWSLA and Mad Decent. And now fresh off the unveil of his latest single ‘Pump‘, we caught up with man himself.

Here’s what went down.


TBB: Hi Valentino, thanks for taking out the time to speak with us. How’s it going?

Valentino: It’s been going great. I just got home from EDC weekend Las Vegas. It was a really fun weekend but also very draining. But. I can’t complain at all.


TBB: You’ve been producing music for quite some time now. Can you tell us about your story and how you started out in the first place?

Valentino: I started out making hip hop beats as a hip hop producer. And one day I was walking by my brother’s room and he was playing “Waters of Nazareth” by Justice and I thought that was a really really dope record and it inspired me to start listening to dance music and eventually producing dance music.

TBB: You started out as a hip hop producer, and then made the switch to electronic music. How did the transition happen?

Valentino:  The transition happened after I was inspired from the different forms of music after I heard it. I always wanted to be versatile as a musician and that just fell in line that vibe I had always gone for.


TBB: You signed with OWSLA back in 2014. What was the decision behind signing with one of the most renowned record labels in bass music?                

Valentino: At the time OWSLA always expressed a lot of faith in me as an artist and it just made all the sense in the world to align myself with a label which was as versatile as I was in terms of the music they were putting out.  I am very grateful to Skrillex for having that belief in me back in that time.


TBB: Last year you dropped a Techno set at the beach in Miami. Was it something that you had already planned, or was it a very in the moment decision? How did that gig turn out to be?

Valentino: I had always wanted to do an all techno set. I put it out a feeler on twitter if I should do an all techno set and Mija who was playing the show with me encouraged me. And I think she said she would do a switch up of her set if I did that. It turned out great and everyone had a good time at that party and it is definitely something I won’t forget.


TBB: When you’re in the studio working on a new production, what’s your entire process like?

Valentino: When I am in the studio I just need one piece of inspiration. Whether it’s a vocal, a drum sound, or a synth sound it is just a piece of inspiration which helps me have the vision of how to finish the song and something that inspires me to create something new and fresh. On top of that a lot of it has to do with putting in a lot of long hours, which is something that is always a fun process for me.


TBB: India has seen a huge rise in bass music over the last couple of years. Any chance we could see you on an India tour in the near future?

Valentino: It is definitely not impossible.  It is something we have discussed. A lot of it is just finding the right timing to do it.  But, I would love to come out over there some day. 


TBB: If you could pick one, what would be the most memorable moment of your career so far?

Valentino: I think playing EDC 2016 in Las Vegas was amazing. I played a set that closed the entire festival out. And it was a sunrise set so I had a packed crowd at the Cosmic Meadow stage and it was really incredible to play for all these people as the sun was coming up.


TBB: What are your Top 3 tracks at the moment?


1. ‘Open’ by Yellow Claw & Moksi
2. This unreleased track by GTA & Dyro
3. ‘Pump’ which is my song that is out now on Mad Decent.