Karsh Kale And Komorebi Join Forces For Mesmerising New Single ‘Disappear’, Talk Working Together & Much More

Karsh Kale Komorebi Disappear

This past week, globally renowned musician/producer Karsh Kale joined forced with New Delhi-based vocalist/producer Komorebi (Tarana Marwah) for their debut collaboration, ‘Disappear‘. Released via JioSaavn’s Artist Originals imprint, the thrilling new release tells an evocative musical story of elusive love and loss.

Offering up a stunning mix of Indian classical and electronic music sounds, the brilliant effort goes on to craft a multi-sensory experience for the listeners to dive into. As Tarana’s ethereal vocals seamlessly glide within Karsh Kale’s fluidic production work, an adventurous tale gets stitched together around the “ambient dream of the unconscious mind” as Kale says. Fresh off the release of ‘Disappear‘, we caught up with the two collaborators to talk about their latest creation, working with JioSaavn, upcoming work and much more!

Read on.

TBB: First of all, congratulations on the release of your latest single, ‘Disappear’! How’s it going for you?

Komorebi: It’s going well! My music got a lot of attention from people all over the place. I think it’s really great that people have an ear for ambient downtempo music. And it helps that my debut release was with a genius like Karsh.

Karsh Kale: Been enjoying the fruits of our labor. It’s always nice to hear feedback on the music we made recently.

TBB: Your latest collaboration also marks your debut on JioSaavn’s label, Artist Originals. What can you tell us about working with them?

Komorebi: JioSaavn has a lovely team of people that are amiable and so helpful. It was fun flying down to Bombay for the BTS, and I feel like the release has been quite successful so far.

Karsh: Its been great working with the Artist Originals team. There is a lot of fresh energy and enthusiasm that comes from this team and like me, they shuttle between NY and Mumbai.


TBB: Can you tell us a bit about the kind of sounds that are involved in ‘Disappear’ and how was it like working together?

Komorebi: All of the instrumentation and production on the track is Karsh, and he has a unique take on electronica. What I admire most about the lush instrumentation is the melody. My vocals have been layered (which is a signature style) on top of each other to create a bed of warmth. That’s my contribution wherein my voice sometimes becomes an instrument too.

Karsh: I had been working on a series of tracks that all had a common theme of earthy percussion (mridangam, ghatam, tabla) merging in a minimalist electronic landscape.  These were all backdrops for compositions that could float atop and sink within them.  When I played this particular composition for Tarana, we both knew this was a perfect place to start. Tarana is great to work with as she brings a wealth of knowledge and curiosity to the project at hand.  She also happened to be a fabulous vocalist.


TBB: I’ve always found that the music you write, be it originals or remixes comes for a very personal place which is certainly incredible. What’s your take on artists trying to make music which fits a trend or just works around something currently popular?

Komorebi: I think everyone is coming from somewhere. For some, it’s easy to be different, it just comes naturally. For others, it’s easier to get swept by waves. Both paths can result in great music. That being said, I feel inspired by artists who have the courage to just be themselves. It’s good to be honest when the people are listening.


TBB: What’s your fondest memory from the collaborative process between you two? Can we possibly expect more music from this wonderful partnership in the future?

Komorebi: Karsh is an inspiration, and always fun to be around. My favourite memory was listening back after we were done writing, on a car ride home. We both knew we had done something good. And absolutely! This is just the start.

Karsh: Once we had played out the arrangement and finalized the lyrics, the fun part was then layering and orchestrating her vocals and using her vocal as a series of instruments that came together quite beautifully.


TBB: Being one of the busiest musicians on the circuit, what is your workflow like when you are working on so many different projects and sounds at the same time?

Karsh: I try and listen to my muse, in that I really try and hit something when the inspiration strikes, so when I am working on multiple projects, I don’t always spend equal time on them, I flow with what is working and when I am inspired.  When inspiration hits I often don’t get up till the idea is complete.


TBB: What’s on the horizon for you? Any new music or tour on the cards?

Komorebi: Absolutely. I have a new album ready. And a collaboration coming out soon with Delhi producer-singer Curtain Blue. We might be touring end October- keep your eyes peeled!

Karsh: I am currently working on new music for a series of new releases this year.  I am also composing songs and score for an upcoming film with Anurag Kashyap. Am always aware and open to what might lead me to the next big adventure.

Released via Artist Originals, you can also listen to ‘Disappear‘ on JioSaavn.