Interview With KSHMR!


One of the hottest names within the dance music industry at the moment, KSHMR has been churning out hits and hits since his debut in 2014! And as the Indian/American producer/DJ continues to rise up the ranks with each passing day, the ‘Secrets‘ hitmaker recently hit up India for a nationwide tour. Following the massive success of his debut India stint, we caught up with Niles Hollowell-Dhar to talk about the tour, his collaboration with Sonu Nigam, new music and much more!

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TBB: Hey Niles, you just finished your debut India Tour! How special was it for you to perform in the country that has inspired your music so extensively, and where your roots lie in?

Niles: It’s incredibly special for me. I grew up coming to India as a kid, and throughout my whole life, only to see family, of course. And it was only later in my life in these last few years that I’ve come to perform. The fact that I’m able to present my music in India and sort of combine these two worlds of my life has been really interesting. It’s just so meaningful for me and my family.




TBB: As an artist playing across seven different cities in India for such massive shows, where do you think the dance music scene is headed towards in the subcontinent?

Niles: I think dance music in its current fervor is relatively new to India. And I think that enthusiasm and freshness is going to attract a lot of the biggest talent to come and present in India. And in its growth it seems like a natural direction for dance music to go and to result in different sub genres that its listeners gravitate towards. So instead of just one crowd that you lump everybody in, as you know listening to EDM, you now have people who’re especially into trap, or especially into dubstep, or even mainstream EDM.


TBB: Earlier this year, you introduced the world to your own label, Dharma Worldwide. How did the launch come to be? What is your vision behind the label?

Niles: Dharma Worldwide’s launch was the brainchild of me, and Jorn from Spinnin’ Records and my management team with the intention of providing a platform for new talent. I want to give songs that I love, a chance to be heard on a big scale.


KSHMR Sonu Nigam


TBB: You recently teamed up with Bollywood singer Sonu Nigam for ‘Underwater’. What does this track mean to you? How did this massive collaboration come about?

Niles: I was actually traveling down to Pune for Sunburn last year, and I took my grandpa to meet Sonu Nigam, who is one of my grandpa’s favourite singers. Sonu was incredibly kind and gentle, and wanted to hear all about my grandpa’s stories, and wanted my perspective on music. Eventually, the conversation led to a possible collaboration. And when I felt I had the right song, everything fell into place and that song turned out to be ‘Underwater’.



TBB: Can fans expect more new music from you before 2017 ends? Do you have any big plans in the works for 2018?

Niles: Before 2017 ends, I do have a couple of releases planned. I’ve done several collaborations and I think I’m almost done with the new Sunburn anthem that I’m working on with Marnik. But of course, it will be up to Sunburn to decide if they want it to be their anthem!


Jai Wolf


TBB: According to you, who are the top rising talents in dance music right now?

Niles: I’m a little bit biased because I was just on tour with him, but I think Jai Wolf is really, really talented and I think it’s not hype, but the music is really there. He’s a great producer. I also really love Party Favor. He makes really fun music, and his approach to making music is really fun.


TBB: Given the chance to collaborate with any one artist that you haven’t worked with before, who would you like to collaborate with?

Niles: Well, I always say Paul McCartney from the Beatles, because he’s still alive. So it’s theoretically possible.



TBB: If you had to choose one memorable moment in your career, what would it be, and why?

Niles: If you look at the Sunburn Festivals, I brought my grandpa out on stage with me at both of them! And that was an unforgettable, inimitable experience that evoked a feeling I may never be able to recreate again. I hope to, but it was very, very special.


TBB: Top 3 Bangin Tracks at the moment?

Niles: Curbi – Rude

Timmy Trumpet – Punjabi

KSHMR & Sonu Nigam – Underwater