Watch This: The F16s Hint At Things To Come With New Single ‘Amber’ From Upcoming EP

The F16s Amber

One of India’s favourite alt rock outfits, Chennai-based band The F16s have enjoyed peak success in recent years following the release of their stellar debut album, ‘Triggerpunkte‘ in 2016. And come April 2019, the four-piece band has now finally returned to action with the first single from their upcoming ‘WKND FRNDS‘ EP.

Titled ‘Amber‘, their latest piece almost feels like a complete reintroduction to The F16s’ musical capabilities as a fizzy, yet refreshing mix of bubbly synths, laid back guitar work and an unmissable chorus defines this summer-ready song at large. During the second half of the proceedings, we get to witness a brief self exploration into the band’s usual ways as listeners successfully come face to face with a new and absolutely neat sonic palette on their latest effort.

Accompanied by an insightful animated music video brought to life by Deepti Sharma which deals with the topic of an ongoing identity crisis within the mind of the protagonist, you can check out ‘Amber‘ below.