Interview With Christian Smith!

Interview With Christian Smith!

Sweden has continued churning out some of the finest DJs/producers we have in the scene today. Be it the heavyweights in the commercial music scene or the underground music scene, the country has left an indelible mark on the dance music scene around the world.

One of the finest exports from the county has been Christian Smith, who with his unique brand of techno, both as a producer and a DJ, has continued leaving listeners in a spellbound state. As the Swede is set to arrive in India to play at Krank and Sunburn Festival, we caught up with him to discuss song writing process, his label Tronic and much more.

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TBB: Hey Christian! Thanks for taking out the time to speak to us. How are things?

Christian Smith: Things are great. A little crazy right now as I’m in the middle of a manic world tour, but I really can’t complain. I’m sitting in a hotel lobby in Buenos Aires, Argentina doing this interview, while waiting to be picked up to go to my gig at Crobar. One of my favorite clubs in the world.


TBB: You unveiled your third studio album ‘Input-Output’ earlier this year on your own Tronic imprint. Can you tell us a bit about the concept behind the LP?

Christian Smith: I really enjoy making albums because it gives me an opportunity to make music that one would normally not expect to hear from me. I also feel that I need to work on projects of this nature to evolve as a producer. It’s a great challenge to produce a cohesive techno album. I really feel that every musician should make albums because it forces them to look at the bigger picture.

TBB: You’ve been a part of the electronic music industry for almost two decades now. How has the entire journey been like till now?

Christian Smith: I am honestly living the dream. I feel so privileged to be travelling the world every year touring. I love what I do so I don’t really look at this as work. Only the social media aspect is work and has become a necessary evil. Instead of posting on Facebook, or Twitter, I could be in the studio making music. But sometimes you have to go with the flow, and overall I am really happy and I’m busier than ever. I have done over 120 gigs in 25+ countries this year, Tronic, my label is on fire, and my radio show is syndicated on around 100 radio stations around the globe.


TBB: You are returning back to India after two years. How does it feel to be back? Any favourite memories from the country?

Christian Smith: I really enjoy coming to India. Over the years I have become close friends with Arjun Vagale and really appreciate what he is doing for the scene in India. I have had some amazing shows in India and am really looking forward to my return end of the month.


TBB: Tronic has continued to reign as one of the hottest techno labels ever since it was re-launched in 2009. How has Tronic stood apart from its other counterparts?

Christian Smith: I think one of the main reasons why Tronic has been so successful for more than 20 years is because I don’t look at the label as a means of income and that I am open minded when it comes to the music I sign for the label. I only release music that I am passionate about and that I would play in my sets.  Anything between house and techno. Right now Tronic is the second highest selling techno label in the world after Drumcode. I am flattered by this especially as this was never my objective and that so many people like the label all around the world.

TBB: Any artists from your current label roster fans should watch out for?

Christian Smith: Yes – Eric Sneo, Drunken Kong, and Wehbba.

TBB: If you had to choose one artist to go B2B with, who would it be and why?

Christian Smith: Probably Carl Cox, as we have very similar philosophies when it comes to DJ’ng. It’s all about rocking the house and educating at the same time.


TBB: Besides electronic music, what other genres do you like listening to? Any favourite artists?

Christian Smith: I am very open minded and like funk & soul, rock, and classical. I really like Spotify as it provides such easy access to so much music!


TBB: How is 2017 looking for you? Any new EPs on the horizon?

Christian Smith: I am planning on releasing another single on Drumcode as well as Tronic. I have released over 100 singles over the years and now prefer to focus on less but bigger projects. I am really busy with the label, my radio show, and weekly touring so my new approach to music releases fits well with my long term objectives.

TBB: What are your Top 3 Bangin’ Tracks at the moment?

Christian Smith:

  • Christian Smith – Initiate Sequence (Julian Jeweil Remix) [Tronic]
  • Eric Sneo – Chord Memory [Tronic]
  • Rob Hes – The Solution [Tronic]

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