Bangin Beats’ Top 10 Tracks Of April 2019

Top 10 Tracks April 2019

It’s that time again when we get to sit down and short list some of our favourite releases from the month gone by which yet again managed to dish out some stellar music for us. And while the first quarter of 2019 packed in some mighty releases, April brought along some impressive creations by the likes of Prabh Deep, Ditty, RollsRoy’s, Burudu and many more. So without further ado, head down below and take a look at the Top 10 Tracks of April 2019.


Kalmi – DuduksaKalmi Duduksa

After laying low for the past few months, Kalmi returned to action this past month with his latest release, ‘Duduksa‘. Inspired by the sounds of the ancient instrument Duduk, the ethereal tune is highlighted by its surreal melodies which goes on to steadily build its way towards an emphatic drop before hopping back onto the proceedings’ original flow. An impassioned jam which arrives as the producer’s first release of 2019, expect more new music Kalmi in the months to come.


Ditty – GardenDitty Garden

An incredible musician in the making, April saw the return of Indian act Ditty who finally shared the first single from her highly anticipated debut album, ‘Poetry Ceylon‘ due out on 3rd June. Titled ‘Garden‘, the poignant folk-inspired song is highlighted by Aditi’s impressive vocal performance, while its striking lyrics and minimal instrumentation underline the first piece from her ambitious LP, which has been inspired by the time spent in Sri Lanka that had a significant influence on her art, and is a dedication to the beautiful island of Ceylon.


EchoFloat – Half A Concrete Split (Three Oscillators Remix)Half A Concrete Split Three Oscillators Remix

Earlier this April, Mumbai-based producer EchoFloat served up the remix package for his stellar ‘Transmutations‘ EP from 2018. And while it was a tough ask to single out our favourite, fellow duo Three Oscillators edged past somehow with their take on ‘Half A Concrete Split‘ which transports listeners into their alternate reality. A truly comprehensive showcase of what they are capable of creating of, Brij Dalvi and Avit Rane go further into the unknown with their highly ambitious remix.


Dropped Out, Katoptris and Om – Take You OnDropped Out Take You On

With the summer of 2019 already off to a great start, April witnessed Mumbai-based producer Dropped Out join forces with fellow Pune-based acts Katoptris and Om for their stellar new collaboration, ‘Take You On‘. A breezy composition which highlights this impressive tune, ‘Take You On‘ sees the talented troika work in tandem to dish out a beautiful summer-ready tune which you can expect to hear everywhere in the near future. Led by Katoptris’ opening verse which is bolstered by an exceptional hook, Om takes over in the second half with an equally commendable work on vocals. Accompanied by a truly mesmerizing production work courtesy Dropped Out who continues to develop his melodious take on electronic music, make sure to watch out for these young talents.


Parshuraavan & Debo – AntarmannAntarmann

Pune-based producer Debojyoti Sanyal functions under two aliases, Dreamhour and Debo. And while the former project has allowed him to showcase his brilliant take on retrowave and synth-pop inspired music, his latter alter-ego continues to craft more intense and darker soundscapes. And for his latest collaboration, Debo teamed up with Rajkot-born rap artist Parshuraavan for the sinister single ‘Antarmann‘. Known for his social-political conscious rap, the Mumbai-based MC consumes this dystopian, gritty instrumental from Debo as he offers us with a glimpse of his impressive craft.


Dolorblind – Vacuum Black HueDolorblind Vacuum Black Hue

New Delhi-based beatmaker Dolorblind finally returned to the surface earlier last month with the release of his brand new single, ‘Vacuum Black Hue‘. On his latest record, Rohan Sinha effectively brings his love for hip-hop into the picture along with his dystopian take on ambient-inspired sounds, all of which culminate into the creation of a vicious, yet serene sonic design. And while describing it as ‘post-apocalyptic‘ wouldn’t actually do justice to his creative genius, the indeterminate nature of ‘Vacuum Black Hue‘ might just be its strongest ally.


Burudu – SaviorsBurudu Saviors

One of India’s finest electronic music acts, Burudu recently graced our ears with the release of ‘Trading Noises‘ back in March. And come April, the exciting pair consisting of Nakul Sharma and Sahil Bhatia went on share the outcome of their recent radio silence with the unveil of their latest EP, ‘Royal Almonds‘ via Stavroz’s Moodfamily imprint. And making their way into the Top 10 Releases of April is its unforgettable cut ‘Saviors‘, with which the duo manage to put forth a seemingly religious experience for their listeners as the psychedelic and a bit wobbly tune seems to showcase a slighty darker and ghostly side to their production abilities.


Aeon Waves – SurupaAeon Waves Surupa

While April may certainly have been a power packed month for new releases, we haven’t been able to get enough of Aeon Waves‘ stunning new single, ‘Surupa‘. The solo project of Ahmedabad-based producer Kanishk Budhori, his newest effort also announced his return from almost a year-long hiatus. Boasting of a mesmerizing production work and traditional folk vocals which highlights this exceptional tune from the TAABIIR affiliate, ‘Surupa‘ brings together the world of drum n’ bass and Aeon Waves’ signature take on ambient-inspired music to craft something truly special.


RollsRoy’s – Poorna SwarajRollsRoy's Poorna Swaraj

Unarguably one of the most important releases of 2019, New Delhi-based band RollsRoy’s announced their arrival with the release of their long awaited single, ‘Poorna Swaraj‘ this past April. A politically charged anthem which questions the current state of affairs which seem to have taken over the Indian sub-continent in recent years, the incredibly well-executed record touches upon various topics and issues courtesy Sumit Roy’s outstanding verses. Accompanied by an equally striking music video, ‘Poorna Swaraj‘ echoes the voice of the concerned Indian citizen.


Prabh Deep – MayaPrabh Deep Maya

Earlier this April, Prabh Deep surprised his fans with the unveil of his newest single, ‘Maya‘. Made in collaboration with one of India’s finest bassists, Hashbass and Archit Anand on keys, the laidback and extremely satisfying jam has already announced itself as a certified summer tune as listeners get to discover the undeniable genius of the man himself who lets himself loose on this exploratory record. Surrounded by plush sonics which keep unfurling throughout the proceedings, ‘Maya‘ seems like a playful wordplay exercise for the seasoned MC who seamlessly switches from one flow to another with every verse.