Bangin Beats’ Top 10 Tracks Of August 2019

Top 10 Tracks August 2019

In Picture: Oceantied, _RHL & Dropped Out

It’s that time again when we get to sit down and shortlist some of our favourite releases from the month gone by which yet again managed to dish out some stellar music for us. And after an impressive outing in July which packed in releases by the likes of Ahmer, Dotdat, Sarathy Korwar and many more, August had a lot to offer with some brilliant creations by _RHL, Frank Derain, Oceantied, Ezzyland amongst others. So without further ado, head down below and take a look at the Top 10 Tracks of August 2019.


Seven & Seven – WhelveSeven & Seven Whelve

This past August, New Delhi-based producer Seven & Seven returned to action at last with the release of his brand new EP, ‘Arcane‘. A stellar three-track solo effort which rounds up his latest offering, its final cut ‘Whelve‘ finds a spot in our Top 10 as the extremely potent cut sets itself up beautifully to be the EP’s most extravagant highlight. But there’s nothing flashy about this one as Nischay Sharma goes on to take forward its hazy beginnings into the hectic, yet wildly exciting territories of his powerful, yet comforting sonic pastures.


Iyer & The Sine Painter – ExtramaritalIyer The Sine Painter Extramarital

San Francisco-based producer Nikhil Ramakrishnan aka Iyer has steadily gone on to become a seasoned act within the global club music circuit with his unique, high octane take on the sounds of jungle, footwork, drum n bass and beyond. And come August, Iyer returned to production duties for the release of his ‘Third Culture Tamilian‘ EP via London-based imprint Modern Ruin Records which also houses its standout cut, ‘Extramarital‘. Made in collaboration with fellow Bengaluru-based producer The Sine Painter,  the turbulent piece makes up for an overwhelming experience which not only equips itself with both the acts’ tactical production chops but goes on to deliver a multidimensional offering in its truest sense.


Frank Derain feat. Amparo – SpellboundFrank Derain Old Rum

New Delhi-based producer Ankit Chugh offered up a lengthy re-introduction to his craft with the arrival of ‘Old Rum‘ this past August. A stunning 5-track body of work revealed by the seasoned act under his Frank Derain moniker, the proceedings picked up from where he left off on his debut album ‘Half:2‘ as Karv earlier this year. Paced to perfection, his latest effort packs in several moments of genius. And one of its brightest spots appear on its final track, ‘Spellbound‘. Made in collaboration with ambient guitarist Amparo, the intricately crafted piece of ambient-driven electronic jazz has a profound effect, which also weaves an amazing soundscape for a deeper sense of meaning to reside.

Oceantied – FlickerOceantied Flicker

One of the country’s most heavy-hitting electronic music acts, Bengaluru-based producer Oceantied announced a new series of upcoming EPs, ‘On The Floor‘ earlier last month which will boast of sounds inspired by the past few years of DJ-ing on club floors. And with the release of its first installment, Ketan was quick to establish that he isn’t playing around as its standout cut ‘Flicker‘ makes its way into our Top 10. A top-tier creation which sounds like one of the most attractive club-ready pieces to come out of the country in recent times, Oceantied goes on to orchestrate chaos with absolute precision on his latest output.


_RHL – Strained_RHL Strained

_RHL certainly needs no introduction. And come August, the Consolidate bossman decided to give away one of his most glorious works till date in the form of ‘Strained‘. But don’t make the mistake of treating this as just another single for what goes on to make a comprehensive statement at the end of it all. A rhythmic assault which proceeds to take over in no time, Rahul Giri’s sophisticated, yet chaotic process often digs deep into the anguished subconscious of ‘Strained‘ to possibly draw out different narratives upon each listen. And as fascinating as it might sound, there’s only one way to be sure.


Aimsir – RuminateAimsir. Ruminate

Hailing from Pune, producer/visual artist Yatharth Vibhakar aka Aimsir. has delivered some memorable creations over the past few years that have allowed him to showcase his stunning, left-field take on electronic music. And while he may have recently decided to put a stop to his solo project, August witnessed the release of his soul-stirring piece, ‘ruminate.‘. Although it may be convenient for us to store it under ambient music which often blankets the spaces around you, his latest creation is brought to life by its simple, yet moving melodies that modulate in small, yet meaningful ways and impose a diverse effect on listeners.


Dropped Out feat. changing cleo – City LightsDropped Out City Lights

Mumbai-based producer Dropped Out has been on our radar for a hot minute now. And as the young act continues to build a strong repertoire, Rishi Thakkar served up his latest release, ‘City Lights‘ with changing cleo (vowl.) this past August. Bolstered by its eclectic arrangement and accompanying vocals, the ethereal tune proves to be a real earworm which stands out as an ingenious piece of downtempo-influenced indie-pop.


udbhav – deewanapanUdbhav Deewanapan

Hailing from New Delhi, 21-year old act Udbhav might be a new name on the block but the up and coming singer-songwriter/producer has been steadily shaping up a new wave of Hindi-focused bedroom pop alongside his peers over the past several months that is hard to overlook now. With 30+ tracks on his SoundCloud profile, Udbhav finds a well-deserved spot in our Top 10 with his recent release, ‘deewanapan‘ whose melancholic, dream-like quality goes on to secure your attention pretty early while the mysterious appeal of his voice wins you over in convincing fashion.


Ezzyland – SpeedrunEzzyland Speedrun

Chennai-based producer Ezzyland has built a strong case for himself over the past few years with his wildly brilliant take on electronic music which continues to double down on what the sounds of the future might actually turn out to be. And while his work often feels bent, neon, yet always exciting, his latest release ‘Speedrun‘ unravels itself as a sonic rollercoaster that is poised to offer you with sensory overload. “A cross between a video game soundtrack and my take on future bass, glitch and orchestral music” is what the track description suggests, but make sure to strap in for a joyride into the world of Ezzyland that always strikes the perfect balance between intensity and sparkle.


Morèno feat. Pruthvi – Halfway HappyMoreno Halfway Happy

On Mumbai-based producer Morèno‘s debut EP, ‘Quit Screen‘ which was released this past August, there’s a lot to discover and process. And while the sentiment regarding the four-track effort often leans towards bittersweet and beautiful, you get to unpack almost all of it on its penultimate cut ‘halfway happy‘. Made in collaboration with fellow singer/songwriter Pruthvi, the wistful nature of this dreamy original takes listeners to a unique landscape which allows the two acts to execute their joint work as the proceedings escalate onto higher ground with the utmost ease.