Check Out These Holi Themed Festivals In Delhi You Need To Be At This Long Weekend

Holi Festivals Delhi

As the festival of colors aka Holi nears closer, the Indian population is searching rampantly for the ultimate party to celebrate! And with innovators aiming to create a fantastic concoction which blends in the original idea of the highly popular festival with dance music events, Holi-themed festivals of now add several other elements to conjure up a fantastic new concept. Moreover, with fans who are poised to be treated to a festival celebration like no other, we at The Bangin Beats are here to help you sort out your Holi plans!

Read on.


HOLI Blast! Festival

Set to take place at JLN Stadium, Holi Blast will feature the likes of Rave & Crave, Divine, Decisions, among many more, with attractions such as special games and competitions, a special Holi F&B menu, organic colors and much more. For more details, check out the event page here.

Rang Festival

All you fans of psy-trance, this one’s for you. Rang, touted as India’s biggest electronic music Holi festival, is all set to host Chilean pys-trance giant Ital, as well as French DJ and producer Talamasca, along with support from some of the finest Indian artists available. Set to take place on the 12th March (Sunday), at i-kandy, do not miss this. For more details, check out the event page on Facebook.

Holi Moo Festival

One of Delhi’s hottest Holi-themed festivals, Holi Moo Festival is back in town. Featuring the likes of Anna Maria Jopek, Masterkids, Kohra, DJ Mo City and many more, Holi Moo has something for everyone. Get your tickets for the festival here.


Holi Nation

Holi Nation will see Progressive Brothers bring the house down with a power packed set, with support from the likes of Octave and Myris. Set to take place at the Punjabi Bagh Stadium, Holi Nation will also feature a Tomatina Pool, live food counters, zorbing ball, and much more. For more details, RSVP on the event page on Facebook.


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