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Niles Hollowell Dhar aka KSHMR has continued his meteoric rise to the top ever since his productions caught the ear of some of the biggest names in the dance music world. Going on from collaborating with some of the most notable names in the dance music to playing at some of the biggest festivals around the world, the Indian origin American producer has cemented his place as one of the finest talents in electronic music today, with fans and peers swearing by his productions skills.

As KSHMR returns to India yet again with Sunburn Festival, we caught up with him to talk about his music, his dream collaborations and much more. Read on.


TBB: Hi Niles, thanks for taking out the time to speak with us. How are things?

KSHMR: Excellent. I’m very excited to finally return to India for Sunburn after a year of traveling the world.


TBB: You’re returning to India with Sunburn Festival for the 2nd time in a row. How does it feel to be back?

KSHMR: Feels great. I’ve put tremendous effort into a new show that will be debuted at Sunburn 2016.

TBB: A lot of your music features Indian elements. Has that been more of a conscious effort, or do those Indian elements flow effortlessly into your song writing process?

KSHMR: The world of Indian instruments and style has been an astonishing well to draw from when I create. My use of them is not so much an agenda but rather a desire to incorporate sounds people don’t hear elsewhere.


TBB: Talking about songwriting, you are regarded as one of the finest producers in the scene today. Any advice you’d like to give out to upcoming producers?

KSHMR: I would say never stop learning. Watch YouTube videos of people recreating your favorite songs, learn new chords and scales — every time I learn something new I feel empowered to return to the blank page and weaponize my new findings.

TBB: Starting out as a producer to now one of the most revered acts in the dance music scene today, how has your journey been?

KSHMR: It’s been surreal, though I still have a lot to prove and try to avoid the hype by focusing on new music and new ways to give back to the producer community.


TBB: You’ve worked with a host of artists. Who has been the most fun to work/produce with? Any artist(s) you’d love to work with? 

KSHMR: Working with the Bassjackers turned into a real lasting friendship. As far as future collaborations I’d love to work more singers — Brandon Flowers and Paul McCartney are on the bucket list. We’ll see.


TBB: Your EP “The Lion Across The Field” was incredibly well received. What was the whole concept behind crafting an EP which followed a storyline?

KSHMR: Thanks. My live show has always been a mixture of storytelling and music. For me, that marriage is a critical piece of the KSHMR puzzle. The Lion Across The Field is a result of my passion to combine story and music, as well as the occasional yearning I have to deviate from the same 128 bpm tempo.

TBB: You have worked with Marnik yet again to produce the official anthem for Sunburn Festival. Is there a special affinity you feel towards the festival, as compared to any other festival around the world?

KSHMR: Absolutely. Sunburn Festival is special because of my Indian heritage and last year I was able to fly my grandpa in from Delhi and bring him on stage with me — a moment I will never forget.

TBB: What does 2017 have in store for you?  Can we expect a studio album any time soon?

KSHMR: 2017 marks a new chapter musically for me and indeed a new project will be in the works.


Catch KSHMR live in action on Day 4 at Sunburn Hills, Pune. Grab your tickets here.


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