RITVIZ Dishes Out On Debut Album ‘VED’, Pushing His Act Forward, Future Plans & Much More

Ritviz Interview

Photo Credit: Nishant Matta

Unarguably one of India’s fastest rising dance music acts, RITVIZ got the whole nation talking earlier last year with the tremendous success of his single ‘Udd Gaye‘ which has not only garnered more than ten million plays till date, but has led him to gain a whole new audience across the country who are constantly on the look out for what the young Pune-based producer might have to offer next. And now, following the recent announcement of his debut album ‘VED‘, the famed act returned to the country’s very own capital, New Delhi this past weekend for a highly anticipated performance at Life In Color India. What went down as one of the finest sets of the evening, we managed to catch up with the man himself to talk about his upcoming full length, pushing his act forward, future plans and much more.

Read on.


TBB: Hey Ritviz! How’s it going?

Ritviz: Really good! This is our third show playing at JLN Stadium in New Delhi!


TBB: It’s been a while since you last performed in New Delhi! How excited are you to be a part of the India debut of Life In Color?

Ritviz: So much energy here! That was a lot of fun. And just to have that kind of reception you get, you just conquer that energy and just decide that “this is what we’re gonna do for the next hour!”.


TBB: Coming to your music, you’ve finally announced your debut album, ‘VED’. Can you tell us a bit about your first full length body of work and what can fans expect from it?

Ritviz: This album has taken almost four years. And we finally reached a point where we can put it out. It is very exciting and also very nerve wracking, because the wait has been unavailable since ‘Udd Gaye’. I just hope people like the new songs.

TBB: When it comes to crafting such euphoric, yet intricately crafted tunes, how do you tend to go about the songwriting process, when you are making tracks?

Ritviz: I don’t really think before making music. It’s a very organic process. It’s primarily like a tune coming through and then I build around the idea. Sometimes it takes days, and sometimes even months. But very little planning is put in before the song. It’s all in the moment and all of that takes place. Once I’m done with the song, a lot of times I do ask myself how was I able to? But that’s very mysterious for me also.


TBB: Your new song ‘Barso’ was finally released earlier this week. Tell me a little about the song, how did it come about and how do you feel about the final product?

Ritviz: I wrote the composition for ‘Barso’ four years ago. This is one of the first things that I built and I’m really happy that it is finally out. And we’re getting a really good response!

TBB: It has been a memorable journey for you when it comes to your music career. When you look back at how you’ve achieved so much at such a young age, how do you continue to push your act forward as Ritviz?

Ritviz: I really try to look back to how I was working two years ago and what music meant to me then, because what happens post a little bit of attention, people start thinking like “this is what might please the crowd” and I try my level best to not think. And obviously, my mind is gonna go there but I try to keep myself out of it as much as possible, and stay off social media and just focus on why I wanna make music and why it’s making happy! As long as I’m happy, I feel like people will understand me now, tomorrow or someday. That’s the goal.


TBB: Talking about future plans, what can we expect from you in the coming months? And is there anything specific that you are hoping to accomplish?

Ritviz: Lot of collaborations in the pipeline. But I can’t disclose a lot at the moment. The next track we’re planning to do is with DIVINE. I’m really excited to put that one out.