4B Talks Debut India Tour, Collaborating With Indian Producers, Music & Much More


As bass music continues to grow a stronger foothold within the dance music scene across the globe, Jersey Club has steadily gone on to expand its reach amongst listeners far and wide. And if we are to talk about one of the genre’s top artists, then one such name that comes to our mind instantly is 4B. Lesser known as Bobby McKeon, the New Jersey-bred producer/DJ has been at the top of his game since breaking onto the scene with his raucous release, ‘Pop Dat‘ with Aazar. And as this super talented act continues to make stronger moves with each passing day, we caught up with the man himself ahead of his wild performance at Life In Color India in New Delhi to talk about a range of topics.

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TBB: This is your first time performing in India! How excited are you to be a part of the India debut of Life In Color?

4B: I’m super super pumped! It’s my first time in India. Life In Color has always been amazing. I’m just super excited to be playing in another country!

TBB: You broke onto the scene a few years back with your game changing take on Jersey Club music. How has the journey been so far being one of the top artists of the genre?

4B: It’s been a whole thing which has been growing bigger and bigger and doing more every year. So it’s definitely been an interesting and fun ride so far.


TBB: India has been steadily churning out some really exciting bass music talents in recent times. Have you managed to check out any of them and would you be willing to collaborate with someone from the Indian music scene in the future?

4B: Oh most definitely! I want to collaborate with as many artists from all over the world as much as I can. So I’ll be surely down for that.

4B Live

Photo Credit: Arman Salari

TBB: Coming to your DJ sets, you’re renowned for your wild, high octane performances. How do you tend to approach a set when it comes to performing in a brand new city?

4B: I kind of approach it with a super open mind because every city is different, every country is different and you just can’t predict much. You just have to go out there and see how it is and feel it out!

TBB: You’ve been at the height of your powers in 2018 with the release of some stellar originals and remixes. What can fans expect from you next?

4B: I have a ton of new music coming! Something with Chris Brown and a lot of hard records too.

TBB: Your Top 3 Bangin’ tracks at the moment?


1. 4B & TEEZ – Whistle

2. Kendrick Lamar x Skrillex – Humble (Pixel Terror Bootleg)

3. NvrLeft – ID