Kerala-Based Hip-Hop Crew Street Academics Forced Off Stage In Bengaluru For Singing In Malayalam

Street Academics

Photo Credit: Down Trodden

In a shocking turn of events, Kerala-based alternative hip-hop crew Street Academics were forced off stage during their performance as part of the Bangalore stop of Bandish Projekt and Swadesi‘s ongoing Khulle Naagde India tour which took place at Foxtrot, Marathahalli this past Saturday (July 13). As narrated by co-promoters 4/4 Experiences in their lengthy statement, the sound during the act’s set was cut off abruptly and they were forced off the stage after a group of customers raised an issue against the Malayalam language that the songs were performed in. And while Foxtrot’s management somehow deemed it appropriate to take an action against the artists instead of the customers, this case of language intolerance in performing arts arrives as a horrible incident to really look down upon in 2019.

Moreover, Street Academics also went on to share their side of the story which clearly highlights the venue’s hostile behaviour and lack of respect towards them. Despite having a passionate audience who they were performing for, Foxtrot’s management tried to get them off stage by making false claims that “people were not vibing” to their set. In an excerpt from Street Academics’ full statement, they wrote:

“According to the management, people were not vibing to our set and they cut our set short amidst rising tension in the crowd. This is far from true since there were plenty of people having a real good time, and mind you, they weren’t all Malayalees. Now as artists, we are not obligated to put on a show for anyone apart from the people who came to see us perform. Hatred towards a language or rather people who speak that language is all too familiar to us, and this is not the first time that this has happened.”

While support for Street Academics has poured in from across the music community and thousands of people around the country, you can read the group’s full statement below.