Salty Prawn – Bharat [EP]

Salty Prawn Bharat EP

Mumbai-based act Salty Prawn has steadily moved up the ranks to be recognized as one of the most underrated beatmakers in recent years. Propelled by the success of his Chirps And Burps’ LP which was released back in early 2018 via Recordings, Pranav Gohil’s sonic approach and artistic development certainly feels like an organic and remarkable derivative of his inspirations. Boasting of an impressive discography which also consists of several singles, Salty Prawn has now finally returned to action with his highly anticipated EP, ‘Bharat‘.

A sprawling 11-track effort which develops complex sonics, Salty stands at the boundaries of electronic music with his latest body of work which provides a delectable platter of sounds from across the Indian landscape. But more importantly, the EP aims to break the mold and perception of how the highly exoticized mix of traditional samples and electronic elements might have to be ideally presented, and deliver a new sonic identity to listeners which allows artists to embrace their culture and offer an eclectic take on the sound of modern India.

With the onset of its first track ‘Ruk Jaa‘, Salty begins intricate experimentation with his production work as he paves his way through a slow build in. One of the most important highlights from ‘Bharat‘ turns out to be the meticulous sampling of various monologues and songs which plays an integral role in the coming together of a sophisticated listening experience. As the breezy ‘Chhuya‘ passes by, Salty’s ongoing adventure becomes heavy on the low-end with tracks like ‘Ghamand‘ and ‘Hindu Musalman‘ as off-beat glitches and deep bass vibrations take over.

He trailblazes further into unknown territories with inventive and hard-knocking cuts like ‘Hindustani Mard‘ and ‘Kai Kai’s Revenge‘ before his latest body of work goes on to grip listeners with a superior collection of sub-heavy stunners that will shift your consciousness into his nation. ‘Mein Dar Gaya‘ proves to be one of the EP’s most solid efforts before the project nears its end with its two final, yet most enthralling productions, ‘Ram Mandir‘ and ‘Sanjay’s Lsd Trip‘.

After Salty Prawn’s formal introduction to the world back in 2018, his latest EP goes on to stamp his authority as an experimental, yet a highly skilled force to be reckoned with. Listen to ‘Bharat‘ by Salty Prawn below.