Reyn x ICONYK – Gone

Reyn Gone

To start off the week, it would be best for us to introduce an immensely talented new artist on the block. Named Reyn, the Indo-Canadian rapper has been steadily building his repertoire with his deep love for hip-hop and an unapologetically authentic style. Having recorded his first mixtape back in 2011, Reyn is now finally making his debut within the public sphere with the release of his debut single, ‘Gone‘. Set to be a part of his upcoming five-track EP ‘Wabi-Sabi‘, the Iconyk-produced effort feels like a good snapshot of what the Montreal-raised act has to offer.

Helmed by a tasteful mix of modern and throwback rap sounds, Reyn amplifies multiple ideas through his debut creation, while guiding himself through a constantly evolving beat which shifts through moods and gears till the very end. ‘Gone‘ provides commentary on how people try to move on from heartbreak. Moreover, he also speaks to how substance abuse can be a direct causal byproduct of a bad ending to something that was once delicate and sweet.

Listen to ‘Gone‘ below. You can grab your copy here.