TRODD & Ramya Pothuri – Pain or Pleasure

TRODD & Ramya Pothuri - Pain or Pleasure

Earlier last year, Mumbai-based producer TRODD and singer/songwriter Ramya Pothuri linked up for their ethereal debut collaboration, ‘To Stay‘. And while the joint effort sowed the seeds of a long-running creative partnership, the two acts have now finally returned to action with the release of their brand new single, ‘Pain or Pleasure‘.

On their second outing, listeners get to experience the musical equilibrium brought to life by Tanmay’s subdued, yet intricate production work and Ramya’s stunning vocals which boast of captivating lyrical and melodic elements. A heartfelt offering which arrives right on time alongside the co-incidental onset of monsoon season, their latest offering will hope to outdo the success of its predecessor.

Listen to ‘Pain or Pleasure‘ below.