Midival Punditz – Rootha Yaar [EP]

Midival Punditz Rootha Yaar

Renowned as one of the earliest pioneers of electronic music in India, New Delhi-based duo Midival Punditz have been at the top of their game for more than two decades. With their iconic brand of music which brings together the sounds of Indian folk and electronica for a truly enigmatic experience, Gaurav Raina and Tapan Raj have now finally returned to action with their brand new single, ‘Rootha Yaar‘ with Indian classical prodigy, Sukanya Chattopadhyay.

On their latest outing, Midival Punditz put up yet another fine showcase of their unmatched talent as they take listeners on a vivid sonic trip while their overhauled production work coupled with a soaring synth work and pulsating beat strikes a collaborative balance with Sukanya’s elaborate vocal harmonies. Moreover, the release of ‘Rootha Yaar‘ is also accompanied by four noteworthy remixes courtesy Gaudi, Curtain Blue, Komorebi and BLOT!.

You can listen to ‘Rootha Yaar‘ below.