Interview With Armin Van Buuren

Before Armin Van Buuren welcomed us into A State Of Trance at NSCI, Mumbai, he took a slight detour towards the Nawabi city of Hyderabad, to offer a few lucky thousands the performance of their lives! Alongside Indian sensation Sartek and Orjan NilsenArmin took to the decks at the phenomenal Sunburn Arena at Hyderabad, and elevated the passion of his Trance loyalists to higher dimensions. We had the chance to catch up with the King of Trance, in an exclusive interview, right before he took to the stage. Here is our interview with none other than Armin Van Buuren!


TBB: Welcome to Hyderabad. Thank you so much for coming to our city! What were your first thoughts when you heard that you were going to perform in this city? Artists aren’t too familiar with this city?

Armin: It feel really great! I’ve been here before. I played here with Sunburn. 4 years ago I think. Well the Indian crowd in general is super excited well that’s one of the reasons I chose to do the ASOT Festival here, this is some sort of a warm up for that gig and it’s going to be very special tomorrow and I’m really excited.

TBB: You once said, “Indian fans know their Trance music.” Is the trance-dominated lineup for tomorrow at ASOT 700 Mumbai a reflection of that?

Armin: Well actually let me tell you something, a radio show episode number trends in one of the cities in India which means that a lot of people are listening. I’m really sad to say that Simon Patterson can’t make it, we did try everything to get him here and it’s not possible. You know, the rest of the guys are super super trance and really believe in this sound.


TBB: You were nominated for a Grammy last year for ‘This Is What It Feels Like‘. What kind of pressure does that create the next time you sit to compose a track?

Armin: No, I used to fall into that trap when I had a hit in 2000 with ‘Communication‘, I had a writer’s block after that but I have a new single out now which is doing equally well. The only way to make a follow up is by not to try making a follow up. I’m never going to make a tune like ‘This Is What It Feels Like‘ again, that’s a one unique thing and then you move on from that.

TBB: Your sound style has evolved over the years and most popular answer from the artists is that it is to grow. In retaliation, fans constantly accuse of all the top DJ’s going “commercial.” What are your thoughts on this? Can an artist not grow without changing their sound?

Armin: People can say about me whatever they want. I have a responsibility towards myself. I like to play the music that I love. I’ve been doing so for 16 years now, 14 years doing a radio show and I’m not going to defend my choices. This is who I am, if you don’t like it you don’t need to listen to me. It’s fine, I’m completely happy with everybody I like playing my sets, I love my fans, It’s really great to get so much recognition. Sounds change, music changes but I like to think that I’m still very loyal to my original sound.


TBB: Can we expect more releases from your alter egos Gaia & Rising Star in the future? Perhaps a full album?

Armin: Well I’ve never released two Gaia tracks in one year, so this is the first year where I’ve released two Gaia tracks. Maybe, I’m currently working on my new artist album which I’m going to release first, I find that really important and after that who knows.


TBB: You composed ‘Blue Fear‘ in your bedroom. We imagine a lot of your tracks may have weird locations going with it. Where is the strangest/oddest place you have composed a track and which one?

Armin: (laughs) I think on my kitchen table with a guitar and a piece of paper. I think it was “Fine Without You“!


TBB: Is it true that you have only a banana and mineral water before performing?

Armin: (laughs) No, not always. The shot with the banana was when I was really hungry during a 9 hour set. It’s really good for quick protein and potassium.


TBB: You were to be one of the “Founder Astronauts” and travel to space – What’s the status to that?

Armin: No update on that.


TBB: You’ve recently remixed Ramin Djawadi’s titular theme for the fan-favorite TV show “Game of Thrones”. Are you a big fan of the TV Show yourself? Have you been following the current season? Who is your favorite character?

Armin: Very big fan! I know it’s actually going to be released this weekend. I premiered it on the show last night. No, not yet, I haven’t watched any of it yet. Anyone from the Stark family would be my favourite.

TBB: Thank you Armin, for taking the time to speak with us!