Nucleya Talks Headlining Budweiser Experiences Presents Sensation Rise, Upcoming Album ‘Tota Myna’ & More

Nucleya Sensation Rise

Photo Credit: RC Photography

This man needs no introduction. Unarguably India’s biggest dance music act, Nucleya’s rise towards the top has been a journey to take note of. After releasing two massive back to back albums in 2015 and 2016, namely ‘Bass Rani’ and ‘Raja Baja’, the famed producer/DJ took yet another huge step in his career with the unveil of his ‘Sub Cinema’ live show back in 2017.

And come 2018, Nucleya is back stronger and feeling more inspired than ever! Having already kicked off the new season with the track by track unveil of his upcoming album ‘Tota Myna’, we caught up with the man himself ahead of his headlining performance at Budweiser Experiences presents Sensation Rise in Hyderabad this past weekend to talk about his Sensation debut, collaborating with Raftaar and much more.

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TBB: Hi Udyan. The 2018 season is finally underway for Nucleya! How’s it going for you?

Nucleya: This is going to be the first show of the season. So I feel a little bit nervous, but also very excited. The new album is coming out soon. That’s also something that excites me. Hopefully it’ll work. If it doesn’t, then I’m f**ked.


TBB: The 2017-18 season saw you take your Sub Cinema show across the country and also dish out a handful of releases over the months. How important was it for you to not rush into putting out another body of work, given the monumental success of ‘Raja Baja’ and ‘Bass Rani’?

Nucleya: It is very difficult obviously! Like it is not really easy to make an album every year. It takes up a huge chunk of my life honestly. The reason why we take half a year of break is only so that you can gather yourself mentally and be creative. Otherwise it is very difficult. Like how many DJs do you see put out a large body of work? There aren’t many. Unless you are 17 years old. Then it is a different thing.

Sensation Rise Nucleya

TBB: Over the years, you have taken a different approach, be it with your music or the visual direction with every project. Can you tell us a bit about what your upcoming project ‘Tota Myna’ has to offer?

Nucleya: Love songs for 2018. That’s why ‘Tota Myna’. That’s what my mum used to call me and Smriti when we were younger.


TBB: Talking about the first single from ‘Tota Myna’, ‘Mirza’ caught everyone by surprise! How did this exciting collaboration with Raftaar and Rashmeet Kaur come to life? And how was it like working with these two?

Nucleya: Raftaar kind of happened way towards the end of the song. Rashmeet was in my mind right from the beginning when I was judging the show on Amazon Prime. She’s the one who won the show as well! She has an incredible voice and since then I knew that I wanted to make a song with her. I didn’t know which song but this ended up being that one. But honestly, Raftaar is a gangster. He’s done an incredible job. Like he can sing as well. How cool is that!?


TBB: Coming back to your live shows that have entered a league of their own, can you tell us a bit about your upcoming album launch show and your forthcoming tour?

Nucleya: Tej knows everything. I have very little idea. I go on stage, perform and then go off. I also don’t know how much I should speak about the album launch.


TBB: You’re all set to headline Budweiser Experiences presents Sensation RISE 2018! What are you looking forward to the most from this super special gathering?

Nucleya: It’s a little nerve wrecking. But it should be okay!