Katoptris x KRMA – Damballa [Free Download]

Katoptris KRMA Damballa

With 2019 turning out to be one of the best years till date for the rapidly growing bass music community in the country, it’s time to welcome two of its most exciting acts, Katoptris and KRMA who have decided to join forces for their latest collaboration, ‘Damballa‘. Hailing from Pune and New Delhi respectively, their menacing new cut takes no prisoners as its dark intro forays into its raucous proceedings before unleashing itself upon listeners with an earth-shattering break that is ought to turn some heads. Accompanied by another gnarly round of action, ‘Damballa‘ steps up and delivers one final blow with its ruthless, distortion-filled power.

Out now as a free download, listen to ‘Damballa‘ below.