Interview With Krewella!

Interview With Krewella!

Ever since their debut in 2007, Krewella have gone from strength to strength in cementing their position as one of the finest live/DJ electronic music acts in the dance music scene today. With a number of hits under their belt, including one studio album and two EPs, the Yousaf sisters continue setting benchmarks for upcoming female DJs all around the world.

As they get set to take over Sunburn Hills, we caught with Yasmine and Jahan to discuss their return to India, their future plans and much more. Read on.

TBB: Hi Yasmine and Jahan. Welcome back to India. How is it going?

Krewella: We are incredibly excited to be coming back to India to play for our desi krew!


TBB: You return to India with Sunburn Festival, having played twice in 2014. Feels good to be back?

Krewella: Absolutely. Being in India feels like a second home to us and Sunburn is one of the most legendary festivals in the world so we are honored to be back.

TBB: You are bringing your live set for the first time ever to India. How different is it going to be from your DJ sets, and what can fans expect from your live set?

Krewella: If you can imagine our DJ set with an extra layer of liveliness to it, that is what our live set is going to bring to the state. We’re going to be playing new songs, old songs, remixes of our songs that we love, and tons of other tracks that we feel like match the insane energy we are trying to bring to the stage.


TBB: 2016 saw you guys release the Ammunition EP, and you’ve mentioned that you are working on a follow up EP. How’s the EP coming along? Do you have a tentative release date in mind?

Krewella: We will be releasing singles for the next upcoming months and building towards an EP. We currently have enough songs almost finished to make an album, but are going to release songs individually so each one can tell its own story and get the proper amount of shine.

TBB: You both are shining examples of female DJs holding their own in a rather male dominated industry. If you had to give one piece of advice to upcoming female artists, what would that be?

Krewella: Progress as if you do not have any hindrances because of your gender but always understand the power in every obstacle you approach because of your femininity. Always respect yourself and the people around you because it is up to strong women to change the way the world sees and treats our gender.


TBB: What does 2017 have in store for you? Any new material that fans can look forward to?

Krewella: We have so much new music coming every month, new merch, we’re planning another huge tour, and there will be a constant stream of content including music videos. Stay tuned!


TBB: You both are playing along some of the biggest names in the dance music scene at Sunburn. Any particular act you’re looking forward to catch at the festival?

Krewella: We are so excited to see KSHMR and Jai Wolf who both have desi roots, so it feels like we have a common thread that makes playing Sunburn extra special. Also, our good friends Pegboard Nerds always put on an amazing show!

TBB: You have a massive fan following in India. Any message for the Indian ‘Krew’?

Krewella: Indian Krew, thank you so much for your incredible support since the beginning of our career. We cannot even explain how excited we are to bring our show back to India and this time bring the live band. I promise we will be putting on the most energetic and insane performance possible for you all!


TBB: What are your Top 3 Bangin tracks at the moment?


  • 24k – DVBBS
  • Throw Ya Hands – Diskord
  • Gangsta (Vincent Flip) – Kehlani

Krewella are set to headline on Day 2 of Sunburn Hills, along with Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike. Get your tickets here to catch the duo live in action.

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