Watch This: Noni Mouse Offers An Experimental Visual Collage With Brand New Music Video For ‘Perry Road’

Noni Mouse Perry Road Music Video

Mumbai-based producer/singer Noni Mouse aka Radha Priya has been steadily brewing ideas over the past year which officially led to the release of her debut EP, ‘noni-pop‘ earlier this February. While her music carries a warm, yet moody mix of sonic influences from contemporary pop, hip-hop, and electronic music, the talented act has now shared a brand new music video for the EP’s opening cut, ‘Perry Road‘.

Directed by Adith Anande and Radha herself, the visual experiment has been conceptualized in the form of a vivid collage of various themes featuring 15 participants, each brought to life by an individual editor which includes the likes of Aniruddh Mehta and Prajjwal Chandra, Abhimanyu Balasubramanyam, Adith Anande, Nikunj Patel, and Joey Katare. Revealed as an extension of its thrilling sonics which paces itself to perfection, the proceedings go on to unravel itself as a multisensory daydream.

Watch the music video for ‘Perry Road‘ below.