SickFlip x Seven & Seven – Mwendo

SickFlip Seven & Seven Mwendo

New Delhi-based producer Seven & Seven might have been laying low for a while, but the talented bass music figure has now teamed up with fellow act SickFlip for their brand new collaboration, ‘Mwendo‘. Known for their genre-bending creations which traverse along the boundaries of bass and electronic music, Nischay Sharma’s long-awaited comeback effort hits all the right notes as it goes on to depict the immeasurable depth and dexterity of the two acts’ respective styles.

Brought to life by a euphoric melody, the delectable composition takes on a life of its own as it steps into a divine sonic realm with its soaring break which provides the perfect soundscape for ‘Mwendo‘ to flourish into an ethereal anthem for listeners. With a solo EP by Seven & Seven due out later this August, listen to ‘Mwendo‘ below.