Miredo – Blip [EP]

Miredo Blip EP

Molded to life by low-end frequencies, New Delhi-based producer Miredo has been steadily shaking things up with his ruthless and exploratory take on bass music. And now following the massive success of his 2018-released single ‘Ret‘, the Sub-Z co-founder has returned to production duties with the highly anticipated unveil of his debut EP, ‘Blip‘.

A mighty 5-track effort which traverses thoroughly past the darkest corners of Saksham’s intricately crafted soundscapes, ‘Candyflip‘ sounds off the riot as listeners are made to jump into a proper adventure, highlighted by varied raw textures and gnarly basslines which make up for a formidable partnership. Next comes one of his most anticipated IDs till date aptly titled ‘Adagio‘ as Miredo shakes up the room properly with the fabrication of a low-slung beast of a tune, brought to life by his own vicious sound design.

The sonic riot looming on the horizon inches closer with ‘Shuvit‘ as we get propelled onto a different plane with its soul snatching mix of drum beats and dystopian rhythms. With ‘Swamp‘, Miredo finally decides to blow everyone out of the water as an eclectic cacophony of sounds emerging from the realms of experimental bass music goes on to contribute towards the flawless nature of his latest body of work. And then finally comes ‘Icky Shrimps‘ for the last man standing as the proceedings arrive at the final stretch with some of the heaviest blows the rising act might have to offer.

A stellar culmination of Miredo’s finest work till date, ‘Blip‘ comfortably carves out a spot for itself as one of the most refreshing works to come out of the Indian bass music community in recent times. You can listen to the EP below.