Interview With Will K!

Will K

One of the most exciting talents within the dance music scene, Will K has been making a name for himself in recent years with his eclectic productions! Known for some of the hottest tracks in the circuit including ‘Cafe Leche‘, ‘Another Storm‘ and more, we caught up with the UK-based producer recently to talk about his latest remix of Sebastian Ingrosso and Salvatore Ganacci’s ‘Ride It‘, working with Corey James, and much more!

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TBB: Hey Will K. How has 2017 been treating you so far?

Will K: Really well thank you! Been working hard in the studio, playing some great shows this past year so I couldn’t be happier right now!


TBB: You’ve had releases on NoFace Records, Fonk Recordings, Sosumi Records and Flamingo Recordings in
recent times. How has it been like working with all these labels?

Will K: It’s been great working with these labels, I feel like every record I’m writing now is different to each other, so being able to release on all kinds of labels pushing this sort of music is perfect.


TBB: You’ve made a name for yourself with your unique yet catchy productions. What’s the secret behind keeping your sound so fresh with every single release?

Will K: I’m happy you think my records are catchy & fresh! To be honest this is the vibe I’m going for right now with my productions. A new technique I’m trying is to keep it as simple as I can, and work more on the initial idea and base the track around that, as I used to work with loads of channels & sounds but realised it’s really not needed!


TBB: Let’s talk about your recent remix of Sebastian Ingrosso & Salvatore Ganacci’s ‘Ride It’. How did the
whole remix come along?

Will K: I heard the original when it dropped & I fell in love with the vocal. It had so much energy & felt I could do something really cool with the drops. I ended up wrapping the whole remix up in 3-4 days, and this personally for me is my favourite remix I’ve wrote to date.



TBB: Which artists have had influenced you over the years as a musician? Are there any dream collaborations you would love to make happen?

Will K: Skrillex for me has inspired me the most over the last few years. Listening to his sound design and how crazy everything this guy writes. All his little fills, and how creative he is just unfair haha. I would say my dream collab would be to do something fresh him, and see what the result could be!


TBB: You had a busy summer this year with gigs in Europe, Asia and South America while also touring with the Axtone crew. How has the whole experience been for you?

Will K: Every show was something special. Being a part of the Axtone family, having all the fans come out to the shows and realise how much support they show to my music is surreal. I love travelling so the whole experience of tasting food around the world, learning about new cultures was a plus. It’s nice to see how much I’m progressing this last year, with shows & my music wise also.



TBB: You’ve collaborated with your close friend and producer Corey James multiple times for some incredible tracks like ‘Riu’, ‘Another Storm’ and ‘Covka’. How’s it like working with him in the studio?

Will K: It’s always fun being in the studio with Corey. I feel like we have this special energy lurking around the room and you can hear it in our music. Were always learning from each other, every time we work on something new. You realise everyone does things differently; there isn’t a right process on how to write a record. So from working with different artists you can take in how they do things and add it to your workflow.


TBB: You’ve lately been receiving some heavy support from the likes of Kryder, Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano, Dannic, Axwell and more. What can we expect from you for the rest of 2017?

Will K: You can expect a solo record coming out on Axtone, which I am super excited for since I experimented a lot with this track. And also my long awaited track Elephant Rage with my good friend Jebu, which Alesso premiered this year at Ultra.


TBB: What has been the most memorable moment in your career so far?

Will K: Id say the moment I found out Axwell wanted to sign Cafe Leche on Axtone. I was in Paris & I was screaming like a little girl in my hotel room, I’ll never forget that haha.


TBB: What are your Top 3 Bangin Tracks at the moment?

Will K:

1. Kendrick Lamar – Humble (Skrillex Remix)
2.Tchami – SIAW
3.Malaa – Paris 96′