Watch This: DJ Snake Becomes The Latest Dance Music Act To Take On The Hot Ones Challenge!

DJ Snake Hot Ones Challenge

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’re ought to know about ‘Hot Ones’ – a highly popular show in which celebrities make an appearance for a (not so) normal interview where they’re also eating hot wings of increasingly intense spiciness while answering questions. While we saw Martin Garrix become the first dance music act to make a memorable debut on the show, famed producer DJ Snake had the opportunity to become the latest guest on the most recent episode of the YouTube series.

As we see him step into the Hot Ones arena, fans get to witness Parisian hit maker bear the heat of some spicy wings and simultaneously answer some burning questions from the show’s host Sean Evans himself. Hitting upon a range of topics, he shed light on why he hates his own DJ name, his love for football, Twitter beefs and much more.

Although the 19-minute long video is painstakingly hilarious, watch DJ Snake end up in tears and self confess saying “I’m crying, behind these glasses, there is a human being.”!

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