Interview With Joris Voorn!

Established as one of the Underground music industry’s stormiest forces, Joris Voorn has slowly and steadily risen to top-notch fame with a career spanning over a decade. This Amsterdam based talent, the owner of labels Rejected and Green, is known for his smooth, unique genre that most like to call Detroit Techno, while he prefers his style to be known as a mix between House and Techno. Burgeoning to fame since 2002, Joris is credited with stellar hits like Lost Memories EP, The Secret and Ringo, and is known to curate a tantalising live experience with every stage he touches. Back in India for a second round at the Awakenings stage at Vh1 Supersonic 2017, we chatted around with the incredibly heartwarming Joris Voorn just before his set smashed all expectations. Here’s what went down:

TBB: Hey Joris, welcome to India! How does it feel to be back here? 

Joris Voorn: Very happy to be here in India. Personally, it’s a country I love: Indians I know all over the world are such lovely people and I’m a huge fan of Indian cuisine, it’s one of my favourite things. Its just such an inspiring country with so much culture. People around here are very open and open-minded as well, especially towards music and the eagerness they show is something I always notice. I get a lot of warmth from this country and I just feel very welcome here!

TBB: So you’re playing at the Spectrum stage today at Supersonic. Coincidentally, you also recently launched a project of the same name! Could you tell us a little more about it? Do you have any more such projects lined up for the future, especially on a more global scale?

Joris Voorn: Spectrum is just this sort of project that came about: I was at a meeting with my manager and we were discussing what to call a new club night we had planned when I spoke about how I play a wide spectrum of music. That’s when we kind of realised just how beautiful Spectrum as the name for the project would be: just how appropriately it encompasses the kind of music I play and the wide appeal it has.

We launched it about 2 weeks ago and its been going pretty good. There is talk about taking it to a global level, so maybe we’ll take it to India sometime in the future!


 TBB: As an artist playing at the Awakenings stage in India for the second time, how much potential do you think the Underground scene in India has right now? Do you think we could get a full-fledged Awakenings festival soon?

Joris Voorn: I do see a lot of potential for a festival like Awakenings in India, but I think at this point, genres like techno and house around here are still smaller than the commercial mainstream electronic dance music sounds. But I like to think and hope that’s bound to change soon enough.

TBB: How’s 2017 looking for you? Do you have any new releases or remixes lined up?

Joris Voorn: With 2017, I’ve been focusing a lot on producing some new music because its just such an important part of the process. There’s a lot of more releases coming: tracks, EPs, maybe even an album at the end of the year, so there’s a lot of new stuff to look out for!

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