Is Joshi Up To Something Big?


Famed producer/DJ Joshi has quickly established himself as one of the top acts within the Indian dance music industry in recent times. Having regularly made himself heard on the international circuit over the years, Joshi boasts of releases on highly acclaimed labels including Armada Music, Blackhole Recordings, Enhanced and more. Known for his masterful creations, namely ‘Kiss & Tell‘, ‘Kingfisher‘ and ‘Marine Drive‘, amongst several others and electric live performances, 2016 also saw him join forces with fellow Indian acts Sartek and Shaan to form their super group ‘Force’.

Hailing from Goa, the famed act recently announced his latest project Joshi 2.0, a multi genre, electronic music project, that aims to capture the essence of India’s culture, diversity and music with a fresh twist, and caught his fans by surprise after he posted a teaser video on Facebook yesterday, which has left fans wondering what it could possibly be. Accompanied by a caption which reads: “The Journey Begins”, the curtain falls on the clip before hinting at ‘Season 1’ which is set to premiere on Wednesday, 26th July.

Check out the first teaser below and stay tuned for the latest updates.