Matt Lange – Punish Me [EP]

Matt Lange - Punish Me [EP] With his overwhelming capabilities of writing vividly diverse music, mau5trap regular Matt Lange has been surprising his fans every now and then. Now with his brand new three-tracker “Punish Me” EP, once again Lange has proven that it is not just the darker side of house or techno he has an expertise in but coming right from his roots, in creating rock as well.

First on the “Punish Me” EP is the title track that begins with suspicious note that in no time is accompanied by super infectious bassline, haunting vocals and leading progressive-rock gritty guitar chords reminiscent of his darker techno side. High on energy, the track provides a quirky opening that couldn’t be any better.

Second is ‘Notes On Letting Go’ that carries forward the dark atmosphere from ‘Punish Me’, begins with a cascading guitar melody and graduates with sharp twisted electronic elements and anthemic vocals. An absolute journey of an electronic-rock landscape fused together impeccably!

Wrapping up the EP is ‘Clever Girl’ which initiates on a very light and emotional sequence of lacklustre vocals and hints of gripping guitar refrain. While low synth groans smoothly take ahead the number to a fulfilling end, leaving listener in need for more. Undoubtedly a bold move from Matt Lange taking turn from his usual domain of electronic music, but a rather appealing one as it easily bridges few gaps in darker style of techno and his passion for rock music. The future looks interesting to say the least for Matt and his label IsoRhythm. “Punish Me” is now available and you can get it off here. Stream below:

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