The Bangin Beats’ Top 10 Tracks By Indian Acts In 2016

The Indian dance music industry experienced one of its biggest years till date! And while proof is certainly not required by any means, talents from all across the country stepped up their game to deliver some of the finest releases in recent times. While we saw big guns like Nucleya, Arjun Vagale and more continue to dish out quality releases, young artists proved their mettle in the most resounding way possible! We at The Bangin Beats have compiled a list of the Top 10 Tracks By Indian Acts In 2016!

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10. Karunesh – Punjab (MojoJojo Future Trap Remix)

One of India’s most influential names in bass music, Mojojojo! established himself back in 2015 with his groundbreaking debut album, “Shots Fired“. With massive success which followed, Akshay Johar entered into 2016 with yet another powerful release in the form of “Yeh Ladai“. But if you had to talk about one of the biggest reworks to come out of the Indian dance music scene this year, Mojojojo! surely secured his place with a forward thinking take on Karunesh’s seminal hit “Punjab”. A future trap remix which continues to command playlists and live crowds alike, the stage is set for the New-Delhi based producer to follow-up with his highly awaited works in the near future!

9. Radiohead – Reckoner (Anish Sood Remix) 

Electronic music heavyweight Anish Sood is yet to unveil his debut album, but he kept his fans busy with a string of quality remixes over the year. And his latest work might as well have been his most impressive yet! Taking on one of Radiohead’s finest tracks, “Reckoner” was given a dark and brooding makeover by the established act which has been commanding sets and playlists across the country.


Dualist Inquiry – Sleepwalker

With a massive year in the bag, Sahej Bakshi aka Dualist Inquiry truly showed the audience why he commands his position as one of the most reputed acts in the Indian independent music scene. With performances at Ultra Korea, EDC India and several other homegrown festivals, Sahej’s biggest highlight of 2016 was the release of his sophomore album, “Dreamcatcher”. A massive 12-track LP featuring some of his most impressive works till date, “Sleepwalker” stood out as one of the most definitive indie releases of the year.


7. Sickflip – Desert Bae

One of the leading names in the Indian bass music community at the moment, Sickflip saw an exponential rise to fame this year with his highly acclaimed Dark Ages EP. Known for his signature take on bass music, his track “Desert Bae” grabbed many eyeballs across the sub-continent owing to its unique and equally impressive sound design!


6. NDS – Arrival On Earth

One of the most mind-bending productions to come out of the Indian dance music scene in 2016, New Delhi-based producer Siddharth Sharma aka NDS debuted on Dutch heavyweight Dyro’s WOLV label with “Arrival On Earth”. A mammoth hybrid-trap tune which packed a lethal punch, the young gun left his mark on the Indian bass music community in the best way imaginable!


5. Arjun Vagale – Illuminate 

A veteran in the game and being India’s very own techno proponent, Arjun Vagale had a busy 2016 with a string of releases under his belt. But without even a hint of doubt in our minds, we can assure that the master’s “Illuminate” from his 2-track EP on Pleasurekraft’s Kraftek label was one of 2016’s hottest releases! A rowdy techno thumper which starts to takes a life of its own with each passing second, the breakbeat and jungle-influenced banger is ought to be on every aficionado’s radar.


4. Sequ3l – Timelapse

Pune-based producer/DJ Nakul Ambilkar aka SEQU3l took listeners on a sonic journey with his Timelapse EP earlier this year. A fantastic two-track effort which was released on Praveen Achary’s Juicebox Music, the stellar progressive house title track took listeners on a hypnotic ride in its most literal sense, and ultimately stood out as one of the most impressive releases of the year.


3. Magnificence & Kerano feat. Charles – Breathing 

Kerano broke through the international dance music industry with his debut single “Here I Stand” back in 2015. While the track skyrocketed to the top of the charts, the New Delhi-based producer/DJ followed up with an even bigger release on Spinnin’ Records’ Oxygen imprint. A stunning collaboration with Magnificence, “Breathing” saw him cement his position as one of the biggest breakout acts in the Indian dance music scene.


2. Zaeden x Nina & Malika – Never Let You Go

One of India’s youngest dance music superstars, Zaeden enjoyed yet another phenomenal year. With a fantastic summer release with Nina & Malika on Spinnin’ Records’ Source sub label, “Never Let You Go” saw him achieve a exponential amount of popularity which is set to further extend into 2017 with several new releases lined up!


1. Nucleya – Bhayanak Atma

The big daddy of the Indian music scene, Udyan Sagar aka Nucleya continued to smash it out of the park constantly throughout 2016. With the arrival of his new album “Raja Baja”, the India’s very own bass music monster delivered a true festival banger with “Bhayanak Atma”. One of the hottest singles to come out of his latest LP, the Gagan Mudgal-assisted effort continues to successfully destroy crowds across India.


Special Mention: Ritviz – YUV

 A phenomenal effort worthy of a special mention, Pune-based Ritviz entered the big league this year with the release of his “YUV” EP. The 4-track project which saw him showcase the sounds of “desi bass”, its title track rightfully bags a place in our list! Moreover, with a monumental remix for Nucleya under his belt, 2017 is poised to be his biggest year yet!


Vigel & Sartek – Only You

While 2015 saw Sartek conquer the Indian dance music industry by becoming the first Indian act to release a track on Hardwell’s Revealed Recordings, the New-Delhi based act continued on his course to raise the bar furthermore with releases on Swanky Tunes’ Showland label and more. And most crucially, he truly shone through yet again with his phenomenal collaborative release “Only You” with Vigel on Armada Trice. Moreover, with a brand new radioshow under his belt, Sartek will certainly be looking to take the game to the next level!

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