Interview With Stiv Hey!

Stiv Hey

While Italy is known for its gastronomical delights, they are also very passionate about their music. And one of the finest exports from the county in recent years has been Stiv Hey, who with his unique brand of techno, both as a producer and a DJ, has continued leaving listeners in a spellbound state. As the Italian act gears up to arrive in India to play at GO: Madras, we caught up with him to discuss his latest releases, his own party brand ‘Memories‘ and much more.

Read on.


TBB: Hey Stiv! How’s it been going lately?

Stiv: Hey guys! Great to talk for a while with you and thanks for the opportunity. Its’ been one of the best periods of my whole life, so I’m ready to spread some good energy in this interview. 🙂


TBB: You recently released your brand new ‘Interference’ EP. Can you tell us a bit about the concept behind this project?

Stiv: Sure, this EP is a very important one for my career, as it is showing a very different new sound and direction I took some time ago. I decided to open my sound to more melodies and turned the sounds from dark to sexy. The combination of these 2 elements come out pretty strong in my “Interference” EP. With this EP I’m definitely presenting a new sound.


TBB: If you had to choose one artist to go B2B with, who would it be and why?

Stiv: Sorry guys, I must choose two! As I have 2 B2B projects opened at the moment, and they’re both very important to me. First one is with my long time friend Paride Saraceni. We will release a mini album together soon and have a series of B2B sets happening after the release. The second name is LEON from Music On, and believe me, despite our main style is very different, the combination of us is KILLER!


TBB: Being signed to Dubfire’s SCI+TEC imprint, you had also managed to receive support from the likes of Richie Hawtin, Adam Beyer, and Marco Carola early on in your illustrious career. How has the entire journey been like till now?

Stiv: My journey has been all about passion and dedication! Many of the main heads of the industry have supported my music during the years and still are, but I never stopped feeling accomplished or trying to stick with one of them. I always kept pushing my limits and sound, trying to better express myself improving my knowledge and skills. Now I’m finally ready to launch my personal brand project. Its been a great journey.


TBB: You’ve recently talked about launching your own party brand ‘Memories’. Can you tell us a bit about the concept behind it?

Stiv: Correct, the time has come! The concept behind the brand is as much powerful as simple, we will give you memories, amazing memories. My friends and I have a different way to party, we are a very unique group of fantastic individuals. Every time we attended some party in the last couple of years, everyone wanted to stick with us, being amazed by our energy, quality of company, quality of party we choose. Everything with the time was pretty clear to us we have something unique in our hands. We want to share our way to party with all of you! I’d love to keep going with more details but we still can’t reveal too much. An official launch of the brand will happen soon.


TBB: You’re set to play at GO: Madras in India this weekend! Any favourite memories from the country?

Stiv: Guys!!! I have so much to say about this country. So many amazing memories, this will be my 5th time coming, and I’m getting to know India more and more. It’s just so special words can’t really give honour to it. The best memory is definitely the way I came back after my first travel. It really changed me, opened my eyes. How to not mention the food as well? #bestintheworld


TBB: On that note, your latest release came in the form of the brilliant 3-track ‘Bang Bang’ EP via veteran Indian act Calm Chor’s Soupherb label. How did the whole release shape up?

Stiv: Yeah, I’m very happy I managed to release this EP on an Indian label. I was playing some gigs with the Soupherb guys earlier this year and we had a great connection, they’re really good and professional people. So I was happy to sign with them one of my latest EP’s, and they did a great job.


TBB: What can we expect from you for the rest of 2017? Any possible collaborations or solo releases in the near future?

Stiv: Absolutely YES! I am literally on fire, producing almost 1 track a day! I have so many ideas and my mood is so good. Everything I touch sounds like gold- haha so definitely expect ALOT of music coming out in the near future.


TBB: Top 3 Bangin’ Tracks at the moment?


1. Dave Sinner – ‘Alive’ (Original Mix) – This track is not released yet, but it will be a huge hit, trust me! I’ve been playing this for a while and it always creates the peak moment of the night.

2. Dave Sinner – ‘Zero’ (Original Mix) – I love this producer 😀 !

3. Tom Hut – ‘Ouija’ (Original Mix) – Banger!