Saad Ayub feat. Christina Novelli – The Only One

Saad Ayub The Only One

Rising trance producer/DJ Saad Ayub has been making a name for himself in recent years with a string of successful releases that have enabled him to quickly rise up the ranks ! The Bangladesh Born, Toronto resident has previously had releases on labels like Black Hole Recordings and A State Of Trance. And now for his latest release, he returns to Ferry Corsten’s Flashover Recordings for ‘The Only One‘ featuring the one and only Christina Novelli.

A surreal effort which is led by an infectious, tech-influenced intro, the proceedings soon pave way for Christina’s heavenly voice which fits perfectly on top of Saad’s lush yet energetic trance body that is ought to win hearts at clubs and festivals all around the world. Fresh off the track’s highly awaited release, we caught up with the man himself to talk about his brand new single, dream collaborations and more!

Read on.


TBB: Hey Saad, it’s great to have you! Can you tell our readers a bit about yourself?

Saad: Thank you guys for having me! Most of my time is spent in the studio. Telling my life stories through music is what relaxes me and makes me happy. Music is my life, true story. When I’m not in the studio, I’m listening to music of all genres, cooking, hanging out with friends or watching anime. Whether I’m making it or listening to it, music is basically always present and is a big part of who I


TBB: You’ve had releases on Black Hole Recordings, A State Of Trance, and most notably, on Flashover Recordings. How has it been releasing on such prestigious labels?

Saad: In one word? An honour. It has really been a journey for me since Armin discovered my music two years ago, opening a lot of doors. And I’m truly blessed to be able to release with different labels, as it has given me creative freedom to play with different sounds of trance. From beautiful uplifting vocal tracks like my release with Jennifer Rene, ‘Move On’, to a groovy darker vocal track, ‘The Only
One’, with Christina Novelli, and everything in between. It’s an honour, and quite honestly, a privilege. It’s surreal.


TBB: Which artists have influenced you over the years as a musician? Are there any dream collaborations you would love to make happen?

Saad: I take inspiration from multiple styles of music, from Engima’s Electronica to Armin’s euphoric melodies. Currently, I am really inspired from the sounds of the underground: mostly tech trance like Arkham Knights, Radion 6, Marco V, Mindwave and Markus Schulz, to name few. Dream collaboration right now would be with Ferry Corsten (of course!), also Markus Schulz would be unbelievable.


TBB: Talking about your brand new single ‘The Only One’ with the one and only Christina Novelli, can you tell us how the whole track came to life?

Saad: For me my music is a chance to tell my life stories. When I wrote the initial demo for this track I was going through a bit of a rough patch – wanting to be with someone who I couldn’t be with no matter how I tried. But knowing that someday that person would be back in my life. That was my inspiration for the track. When Christina and I started chatting about the demo I gave her the backstory. She
took that and wrote a chillingly beautiful top line that was just too perfect. I’m so happy with how it turned out and the response we’ve gotten to the release so far.


TBB: Did you have fun making ‘The Only One’? Can we expect any future collaborations from Christina and you?

Saad: Absolutely, it’s hard not to have fun when you’re doing what you love and working with someone like Christina. She’s a true professional and great to collab with. As for future work together, there is another version with extended lyrics that we’re working on, and of course I would like to do a follow up in the near future, as well as may be some live shows together so the fans can experience her
vocals live. She is awesome.

Listen to ‘The Only One‘ below. And don’t forget to grab your copy here.