This Brand New Music Video From Meattle & Malik Gives Deaf People A Voice Of Their Own

meattle-malikThe latest indie music duo on the block have something really nice up their sleeves! Meattle & Malik, comprising of Raghav Meattle and Nikhil Malik have unveiled their latest single “Boring, I Love You“. A former contestant of The Stage 2, Raghav is a singer-songwriter based out of New Delhi who has teamed up with Mumbai-based composer Nikhil for a simple yet stunning track!

While the track has its own aura, the track has now received a unique music video for the same! With heartwarming visuals that have been inspired by the concept of sign language, five individuals recite the lyrics of the easy-going track which ironically talks about how the person would never be able to write a love song.

Made in collaboration with the Noida Deaf Society, the music video truly stands out as one of the most impressive works in the independent music scene in India!

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