Watch This: New Documentary Clip Captures The Dark Times In Avicii’s Career

Avicii: True Stories Documentary

The journey of Avicii within the music industry has been worth taking note of! After attaining super stardom following the incredible success of his signature productions, which then saw him tour heavily around the world for massive arena shows, the Swedish heavyweight soon began to experience several lows in his career due to multiple health troubles. Not only did this result in the making of a career defining announcement which saw him retire from touring, but it also sparked a major change within the hectic, and often relentless music scene.

And in order to bring fans up, close and personal with Tim Bergling, the famed act recently released his documentary “Avicii: True Stories“. Teaming up with Levan Tsikurishvili for the insightful feature, it shows the vulnerable side of the super producer, alongside tracing the many highs of his career. In a newly released documentary clip courtesy Avicii on social media, we get to see the man himself make a trip to the hospital. A distressing footage which certainly highlights the pain and difficulty the ‘Wake Me Up‘ hitmaker constantly had to go through in order to keep up with the pace of his success, Avicii wrote in the post saying:

“My documentary just got released not long ago… Levan Tsikurishvili, who’s the director of the documentary, has followed me for the past four years I think, four or five years.

He’s had so much material from both in the studio, from behind the scenes on concerts, during good and bad times. I’m really excited. I’m also a bit nervous because it is kind of gritty sometimes. It’s very personal. There’s a lot of ups and downs. It’s going to be interesting to see what people say.”

Watch the clip below.