Steve Angello Continues To Show Artistic Growth With His Latest EP, ‘Paradiso: Act III’

Steve Angello Paradiso Act III

Fans around the world have been waiting (im)patiently for Steve Angello‘s sophomore album for quite some time now! And as the Swedish veteran continues to steadily solve the puzzle for us with the unveil of each chapter every few weeks, he has now finally put us out of misery with the release of Paradiso: Act III. The third and finally chapter from his upcoming album ‘Almost Human‘, his latest work boasts of two stunning new tracks namely ‘Break Me Down‘ and ‘Dopamine‘ featuring Barns Courtney.

Being anthemic in every sense, his latest work also stands testament to his artistic growth which he continues to achieve with each passing day. With the first track ‘Break Me Down‘, he showcases his vision for crafting powerful sonic pieces, led by an equally solid vocal performance and an unparalleled production work. And lastly, ‘Dopamine‘ arrives as a visceral collaborative effort from the SIZE bossman and the English singer/songwriter.

Stream both the tracks below. You can grab your copy here.