Budweiser presents What’s Brewing In Delhi: Interview With Kerano!


One of India’s leading dance music acts, Kerano has well and truly placed himself as one of the brightest spots within the dance music scene in the sub-continent. With multiple chart topping hits including tracks like “Here I Stand” and “Breathing”, the New-Delhi based DJ/producer is the one to watch out for.

Ahead of his special b2b performance with Zaeden for “What’s Brewing In Delhi” this weekend, we caught up with the talented artist to talk about his stunning productions, his new concept Kamp1 and much more!

Read on.


TBB: Your brand of electronic music has always embodied an emotional touch. What’s your idea behind it?

Kerano: I’ve been a musician all my life so I kind of grew up understanding that music and emotion go hand in hand. I think that eventually finds its way into my productions one way or the other!


TBB: With three consecutive international hits under your belt, What’s ‘Brewing’ next?

Kerano: Oh man where do I start! Me and my team have a few surprises up our sleeves! Wait for it 🙂


TBB: Being a drummer, how has the transition of becoming an electronic music producer been?

Kerano: It’s not really been a transition. I’m still a drummer and the musicality is the same! I love incorporating my drumming background into my tracks and bring some real world instrument into play every time I produce!


TBB: Tell us a bit about your new concept Kamp 1? How has the response been like?

Kerano: Kamp1 is my passion project! I just felt like the music scene here in India was way too competitive for growth! Its music, you’re supposed to sit in a room with musicians with an ego and just have fun. I wanted to create a space where the race for glory was substituted with a true love for music! The response has been phenomenal!


TBB: And finally, can you tell us how your career is #AlwaysBrewing?

Kerano: I’m always trying to innovate and redesign myself! I would love to share details of things to come but I’ll have to wait before I spill the beans! Quality over quantity is the game for me!

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