Moby Delivers Fake White House Press Release To Unveil New Album!

Moby is one artist you can bank on to speak up his mind and not be afraid of anything, not even the President, especially the President. Then be it turning down the offer of performing at his inauguration ceremony or using his alter ego from the 90s as a medium to put his new album out. Yes, Moby has done exactly the same.

A little background to this, there is enough evidence out there that back in the 90s, Donald Trump was posing as a spokesperson for guess who, Donald Trump himself! Moby has used this bit of free information in a political satire of sorts to release his new album, ‘MORE FAST SONGS ABOUT THE APOCALYPSE‘. Don’t believe us? Go ahead and click on this link right away to download the veteran act’s new album and laugh your guts out at this masterstroke from the legend.