Fans In Kathmandu Vandalize Club After Marshmello’s Gig Gets Cancelled

In a surprising turn of events, fans of Marshmello vandalized a club in Kathmandu after the masked DJ’s gig got cancelled due to a high fever.

Club Deja Vu was supposed to host Marshmello last night, along with a number of supporting acts, but the organizers were forced to cancel the show due to health complications for the ‘Alone’ hitmaker. Upon learning about the cancellation at 3 am in the morning, angry fans took to vandalizing the club to vent their frustration.

Marshmello later took to his social media to apologize for his no show, citing his high fever as the reason for not making it to the show, but the damage had been done. Videos emerged from the venue showing fans breaking stuff inside the club, while people around them filming it on their phones.

You can check out the footage here below. The club is yet to make a statement about the incident.