Xenon Phoenix & Kidd Kayos feat. Aallis – Missing

Xenon Phoenix & Kidd Kayos - Missing ft. Aallis

As hip-hop continues to grow bigger with each passing day within the independent music scene in India, Pune-based rapper Xenon Phoenix has been steadily making moves in recent months to navigate his way towards the top! Fresh off delivering Dead Palace‘ with Buki, the rising act has now teamed up with longtime friend and collaborator Kidd Kayos for yet another impressive tag team effort.

Titled ‘Missing‘, the Venza-produced single arrives as the second offering from the duo act after dropping ‘Been Through It‘ earlier this year. A gritty, yet equally tantalizing production work which graces listeners’ ears, Ukrainian R&B singer Aallis leads the charge with her heavenly vocals before Xenon and Kidd take over with their respective verses. Talking about love which seems to be missing around us these days, ‘Missing‘ shows promise, besides putting their strong lyricism on display.

An act to watch out for in 2018, listen to Xenon Phoenix’s latest track below. You can grab your copy as a free download or show your support here.