Eminem & Ed Sheeran Share Highly Awaited Collaboration ‘River’!

Ed Sheeran Eminem River

What surely has been a long time coming, Eminem has finally returned to action with his brand new album ‘Revival‘. Fresh off dropping two singles, ‘Walk On Water‘ with Beyonce and ‘Untouchable‘ in recent weeks, his first album in four years has now also brought about the release of his collaboration with pop superstar Ed Sheeran.

Titled ‘River‘, the pop-meets-rap effort sees Ed lead the charge with an effective hook before the man himself takes over with his impeccable lyrical flow. A fairly impressive tag team work which has its own highs and lows, their brand new track fails to cover up its loose ends, that is ought to leave a lot of fans wanting more.

Listen to ‘River‘ below.